Baf Time Graduation!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

There's plenty of interesting news today - Maggie has officially become Kitten Academy Faculty, and it's the 2-year anniversary of our live stream!  But we will post more about those later; we don't want to take away from the Baf Time kids' graduation!

As you know, Pumice, Wash, Tubby, and Ducky are getting picked up by their adopters this weekend.  Saying goodbye at graduation is especially difficult when we have a class that enrolled at birth at the Academy. However, we know they are going to great homes and that they will keep in touch with us! Look for their class to be added to the Alumni section in the near future. Pickup times for this weekend are listed below:

  • Ducky: 3 PM Saturday
  • Tubby: 4 PM or later, Saturday
  • Pumice + Wash: 1 PM Sunday

Faucet and Bubbles will be staying on a couple extra weeks while we wait for them to get large enough for their spays. They will most likely be graduating in the first week of May. 

We expect that the Frolic's Furballs will move up to the main classroom late this weekend or early next week! 

And... here are the official portraits of the graduates: 







As usual, we've got a lot of fun bonus photos from the graduation photoshoot!

Baf Time Kittens Updates!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

There's not much news to share - the Baf kittens are all healthy and hearty.  They might just be the most advanced class we've ever had, setting records to walking, leaving the box, and eating!  They have yet to use the litter box, though.  

This post is mostly to share a huge number of photos that we've taken over the last four weeks since the kittens were born (happy 4-week birthdays)!

Since we're writing, though, we'll cover a few quick notes.

Firstly, Mr. A. will be out of town this weekend, so DJ will be managing the kittens and stream all by herself!  Mr. A. is going to Dallas/Fort Worth area for a reciprocal visit with Dr. Bru, and also for a tiny DFW local Kitten Academy fan meet-up!  Of course, the big Kitten Academy Convention (2nd annual!) will be in July.  If you're interested in attending that, all the details are accessible via our Discord chat for Patreons

Since the Baf kittens have become more active, it's been challenging to figure out where to aim the cameras for the best coverage.  We're working on it!  Also, we know that the sound and video sometimes goes out of sync.  We're working on that, too!

If you have trouble telling Faucet from Tubby (we all do!) click here for a quick visual guide.  They're still not quite big enough even for kitten-sized collars, but soon we'll have collars on to help you tell them apart on the stream (tip: Tubby is the one who sleeps all the time).

All right -- here's your photos!  I'm putting these in separate galleries for each photoshoot because otherwise, Squarespace, our site provider, really messes up their ordering.  We've sure come a long way in four weeks!!





Introducing the Baf Time Kittens!

Howdy, Kitten Academicians!

Last night, Pumice gave birth to five healthy kittens!  This is just a quick post to introduce them.  Let us apologize up-front for the quality of the photos - we'll get better ones soon.  The archive of the birth will also be available on YouTube soon!

Wash - Male

Ducky - Male

Bubbles - Female

Faucet - Female

Tubby - Male

Thanks to "InkaTheKitten" on our Discord Chat for Patreon Subscribers for pointing out that our photo of Bubbles was actually a second photo of Ducky.  Fixed!

Just a couple bonus photos today - more will come soon!

Mewnits Graduation!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Welcome Pumice!

The Scientific Mewnits had their Graduation ceremonies on Tuesday, and already all have adopters!  That was quick!  You can expect to see Newt and Dalton leaving for their home together tomorrow, Saturday the 3rd, around 12:30 KATZ.  Torr and Kelvin are also going home together, but not until the 10th - time yet to be determined!

We've got some great graduation photos, but first some other news - 

We haven't officially announced this in a blogpost, so let us welcome Pumice, our new momcat.  On Angels' Wings finally found us one that's pregnant for sure - she's already giving milk and we can feel the kittens kicking, plus last night DJ showed me how to hear tiny kitten heartbeats.  She's due to deliver literally any day now!

Quiche Lorraine was adopted yesterday!  Her new owners don't have much of a social media presence, but they're wonderful people and we're going to try to get them to share some updates with us.  

And of course, a reminder that Magnolia is still available for adoption!  It's also never too early to apply for Pumice, or her kittens - if you get an application in now, you can get approved in advance.  

Here's the Mewnits!





As usual, here's all the photos from the photoshoot - and some extras!