Breadmaster Magnolia


Magnolia arrived at the Academy as part of a diverse class of kittens and young cats which came to be  known as the Cat Trees class. Feline folklore claims that she is the proud parent of kittens such as Eucalyptus, Elderberry, Sassafras and possibly others. While she, no doubt, raised wonderful kittens who turned out to have extraordinary talents and impeccable social graces, and eventually saw them graduate from the Academy to become successful, productive citizens of the feline community, it was evident early on that Magnolia (known to her friends and colleagues as "Maggie") was destined to have a profound impact on the Faculty of the Academy.

Maggie's machinations began with friendly visits with various members of the Faculty during their office hours. Thanks to her impressive skill-set and vast experience as a barn-cat, she has since introduced the Academy Faculty to new techniques they can now employ in their avian research in the Academy Cat Run. She spends hours in the Cat Run herself now that the Faculty have introduced her to the more academic side of ornithology. She has also demonstrated to the Faculty her extensive knowledge in the field of rodent studies. Needless to say, they have been thoroughly dazzled by her and now bring her along on all relevant expeditions on Academy grounds.

Magnolia provides continuing peer education on rodent evasive maneuvers.

Magnolia provides continuing peer education on rodent evasive maneuvers.

Maggie's human companionship methods are unique. Despite her undeniable superiority in terms of speed, power and grace, she brings herself down to the level of her human staff and joins them occasionally in their enthusiasm for carbohydrates, particularly bread. She understands that humans need to be amused in certain primitive ways and accommodates them into her busy schedule with reasonable amounts of bread-sharing and cuddling. 


As of April 20, 2018, Magnolia has gracefully accepted a research position at the Academy after several months of careful consideration on her part. She has concluded that her knowledge and experience will be vitally necessary to the Faculty if the Academy is to achieve any kind of success at all in critical projects. She plans on specializing in feline and human nutrition.