Baf Time Kittens Updates!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

There's not much news to share - the Baf kittens are all healthy and hearty.  They might just be the most advanced class we've ever had, setting records to walking, leaving the box, and eating!  They have yet to use the litter box, though.  

This post is mostly to share a huge number of photos that we've taken over the last four weeks since the kittens were born (happy 4-week birthdays)!

Since we're writing, though, we'll cover a few quick notes.

Firstly, Mr. A. will be out of town this weekend, so DJ will be managing the kittens and stream all by herself!  Mr. A. is going to Dallas/Fort Worth area for a reciprocal visit with Dr. Bru, and also for a tiny DFW local Kitten Academy fan meet-up!  Of course, the big Kitten Academy Convention (2nd annual!) will be in July.  If you're interested in attending that, all the details are accessible via our Discord chat for Patreons

Since the Baf kittens have become more active, it's been challenging to figure out where to aim the cameras for the best coverage.  We're working on it!  Also, we know that the sound and video sometimes goes out of sync.  We're working on that, too!

If you have trouble telling Faucet from Tubby (we all do!) click here for a quick visual guide.  They're still not quite big enough even for kitten-sized collars, but soon we'll have collars on to help you tell them apart on the stream (tip: Tubby is the one who sleeps all the time).

All right -- here's your photos!  I'm putting these in separate galleries for each photoshoot because otherwise, Squarespace, our site provider, really messes up their ordering.  We've sure come a long way in four weeks!!