Professor Ridi Culari

Professor Ridi Culari is also a Kitten Academy alumnus.  He is a graduate from session four in the class of 2015.  "Ari", as he is known in local circles, was an astute student during his matriculation at Kitten Academy. He graduated with flying colors. However, he decided to stay on as part of the faculty of Kitten Academy to continue his prolific research undertakings in collaboration with Professor L. Oganberry.

Professors Logan and Ari continue to be highly active researchers and are constantly expanding their areas of study. Being one of the last graduates of 2015, Professor Ridi Culari will head up the Kitten Ambassador Committee for the incoming students of 2016. He is poised to pass on his invaluable knowledge and wisdom in the Advanced Curiosity and Canine Cordiality courses at Kitten Academy.