Kitten Academy currently offers products with our logos and other artwork via Teespring.  Alternatively, you can download our logos and create your own!


Because of their new integration with YouTube, and the great quality of their products and customer support, we’ve started to use Teespring rather than Zazzle for most of our products - and will be adding much more in the future!



We’re slowly phasing out our Zazzle store, but you can still find it here if there’s something specific you need!

Zazzle almost always has coupon codes or sales.  We suggest using the browser extension "Honey" and when you go to check out, it will help you find the best deals.  You almost never need to pay the full sticker price on our products.  


If you want to use one of our logos or designs on a product we aren't offering, you can do it yourself.  This option is for personal use only - no reselling items with our designs, please.  We ask that you donate five dollars for each product you make for yourself.