No Sads!



Here at Kitten Academy, we have a no-sads policy which arose from the fact that we cannot stomach hearing about cats and kittens in distress, even if we know that the story ends well. Therefore, we never want to tell those sorts of stories. Even if our kittens come from a bad beginning, the story we want to focus on is the wonderful time they have at the Kitten Academy and thereafter. This policy is something we strictly abide by for the sake of our own sanity. We appreciate that a lot of supporters of Kitten Academy are like-minded in this aspect and that they sometimes come here for a respite from the remainder of the Internet.

We consider our website, our YouTube channel, our Discord server and all the content we publish, including the 24/7 livestream, a "safe zone" where you need not worry about happening upon a sad animal story.  To be clear: the no-sads policy is mostly about cat (and animal) sads, not about human sads - though we prefer to keep everything here pawsitive!

Caring for kittens, especially when they are still young and unvaccinated can be a worrisome, sometimes unpredictable process, but in order to maintain this as a sads-free place, we do the worrying for you. We keep a close eye on kittens as they develop and have a low threshold for taking them to the vet in case problems should arise. We also provide the most straightforward medical information regarding their care while not manipulating you into donating or changing the way you interact with the Academy. While we understand that a lot of our supporters are deeply invested in the well-being of the kittens, we also hope that over time, in getting to know us, you will trust that we give the health and well-being of our kittens the utmost priority. We have and always will continue to provide them with the best food, toys and veterinary care (and education, of course!) regardless of external financial support.

We know that many of you support us because of this policy, while others have some mixed feelings about it. Regardless of who you are and how you love our kittens, we thank you for all that you do and for making this the best place on the Internet!