Happy Meowloween!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Mister A. is going to be out of town for most of the next week - so it’ll be just DJ managing the Academy. That means no mailbag this weekend!

We’ve scheduled graduation for Fable’s kids - Ink on the 6th, and Quill and Parchment on the 13th. We’re not sure yet when their adopters will pick them up, but we’re sure it won’t be long!

Now on to the real purpose of this post: Halloween photos of the faculty and students!

Updated Well-Versed Photos!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Just a couple quick points of news and then a whole lot of photos!

JimmyD of “Wednesdays with Winnie and Gary” and Mr. A will be calling the Bingo numbers at On Angels’ Wings Halloween Bingo Night, tomorrow, Oct 12th at the Park Place Banquets hall in Crystal Lake, IL!

We expect Fable to be picked up by her adopter this Sunday, the 14th!

Here’s some photos!

Because the little oranges are so difficult to distinguish, I’ll post each kitten’s “Glamour Shots” in their own tiny album:

Bookworm (Female)

Prodigy (Male)

Wise (Male)

Astute (Male)

Ace (Male)

Poise (Female)

Erudite (Female)

Flair (Female)

Verse (Mom)

Bonus Photos!!!

Introducing the Well-Versed Kittens!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

[UPDATE 09-26: We now believe Bookworm is female. It can be very difficult to tell at this young age!]
As you are surely aware, on Sunday, September 16th, Verse delivered a giant litter of kittens! She’s an amazing momcat and we’re all very much looking forward to seeing the whole bunch running around the main room, climbing Mr. A and filling laps! (By the way, if you like those GIFs, there’s literally thousands more accessible though our Discord chat for Patreons!)

Ace and Bookworm already each have one eye open - pretty good for being eight days old! You won’t see that in the photos below, though, since they were taken so very long ago (one whole day!)…

Fable, the ultimate Momcat!

One quick unrelated note - I think all the previous cats and kittens are adooted, or at least have good applicants, except for Fable! She gets along so well with everyone! Humans, cats, dogs. She is the ultimate easygoing cat — the female Acro! Please consider applying for her!

Astute - Male (No Marking)

Wise - Male (Green Back)

Bookworm - Female (Red Neck)

Prodigy - Male (Blue Tail)

Ace - Male

Erudite - Female (Star Back)

Poise - Female (Star Neck)

Flair - Female (Most Grey)

Verse - Momcat

As usual, here’s all the rest from the photoshoot…. and a couple bonus faculty photos!

Number Nine and the No-Sads Policy

Here at the Kitten Academy, there's some guidelines we follow, but we really only have one truly official policy.  That policy is our "no sads" policy.  What it means is that we can't stomach hearing about cats and kittens in distress, even if we know the story ends well.  And therefore, we never want to tell those sorts of stories.  Even if our kittens come from a rough beginning, the story we want to focus on is the wonderful time they have at the Kitten Academy and thereafter. Our mission is to share happiness in this time when it seems people need it more than ever.

Due to the nature of what we do, though, sometimes, sad things may happen.  In those cases, we've decided that we will just tell you the facts, in the least exploitative way possible.  We're not here to play on your heartstrings with tragedy, just to inform you of the news, even when it's unfortunate.

Click the big button below for the whole story, if you feel up for an absolute measure of sad.  We've disabled comments on this post, only because we don't want extra sad for people who don't want it.  If you want to share something with us, our e-mail is headmaster@kitten.academy

Mom Verse's Kittens!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Verse - Momcat!

You probably know all about Verse and her kittens already, but we haven't talked about it here on the blog yet.  One of our fellow fosters who works with On Angels' Wings and other groups in the area captured a pregnant momcat -- and in a first for us -- also managed to find and rescue her previous litter of three kittens, who are roughly 3-4 months old now.  

We tried to find another foster who could take the older kittens, but there was no one available, so we ended up with the entire family!  But we aren't able to keep the older kittens with their mom, due to extra caution about their recent vaccinations around the developing kittens, and also because we're told that momcat Verse was pretty much done with them anyhow.  So Verse gets to live in the annex, while her three older kittens have been enjoying life in our master bedroom suite.

Verse seems like she probably lived with people for at least part of her life, as she was immediately snuggly.  Her older kittens probably have not, because they are quite shy.  They are certainly not feral - just extra cautious and shy.  

We've taken them all to the vet already and they're quite healthy.  Last week, the vet performed an ultrasound on Verse and thinks there may be as many as ten kittens!  Verse has her follow-up vet appointment tomorrow morning, and we're hoping that the X-ray will give us a definitive count.  At the same time, we'll be discussing options for the rest of her pregnancy and the delivery; we want to make sure they get the best opportunities here at the Academy!  

Meanwhile, the three kittens from her previous litter are finally starting to come around.  They are sweet and playful - they snuggle and purr and wrestle.  We think their adopters should expect kittens that are somewhat more shy to begin, but we feel certain they will have a lot of love to give to the right person -- they remind us quite a bit of the Trees class who came in very shy of people, in very similar circunstances, and all ended up super loving.

The three kittens will be going for their graduation surgeries on Tuesday the 4th - so now is a wonderful time to apply to adopt!

Stanza - Male

Prose - Female

Meter - Female

Here's the rest of today's photos!

Fable's Tails Photo Updates!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Fable's bables got moved into the main kitten room this week, because on Friday, we're due to have a new pregnant momcat arrive, who will go into the annex.  She is also bringing her previous litter of three three-month-old kittens, but they probably won't be allowed to stay with her in the annex.  Because we're full up, they're likely to get the run of the house, and hopefully we can get them adopted quickly - they should be ready to go as soon as they arrive!  

But more on that later this week - meanwhile, we've got some great new photos of Fable's kids.  It's still very difficult for us to tell Ink from Quill, so to give us all the best chance, we're going to post the photos in four separate 'albums' below.





Breakfast Club Graduation!

Hello, Kitten Academicians!

Not much news to report on this post - just an awesome graduation photo shoot.  The breakfast kitten adopters are all scheduled to come pick up their kittens this weekend, around 1pm on Saturday the 11th!

EDIT: Since folks are asking, here's how the adoptions are paired up - all the kittens in this class are adopted in pairs, and each pair is male/female!  How cool is that?

  • Egg and Toast
  • Chai and Donut
  • Waffles and Muffin
  • Tiffiny and Bearclaw

Additionally, it's worth mentioning that all four adopters are on our Discord for Patreon supporters, and have promised to share lots of photos and updates there!









As usual - here's all the rest of the photoshoot.  This one was a lot of fun!

Fable's Tails Arrive!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Once again, we really have put "the late" in "the latest news."  The past week or so has been a whirlwind of Academy-related stuff!  Firstly, we had our second annual Kitten Academy Convention and it was completely amazing.  We've got so much we'd like to say about it - but that's not even what this post is about.  It's about Fable's three new kittens!

On July 20th, Fable went into labor, and it seemed like it was a little more difficult than most.  So we packed her up and on the way to the emergency vet, she delivered two wonderful kittens; Ink and Quill.  At the vet, they checked her out and said everything was just fine and we should go home for the third kitten - who was delivered on the way home.  So all three of this class were born in the car!  Of course Fable's kittens would have to start life with a good story to tell.

Because it's been over a week since they were born, their eyes are already starting to open!  Surprisingly, the smallest kitten, Parchment, seems to be well ahead of her sisters!

Here's a cheat-sheet to help get you started!

Ink - Female

Quill - Female

Parchment - Female

Fable - Momcat

As usual, here's the rest of the photos from this session - and we'll be back soon with graduation photos of the Breakfast kittens, who are all getting adooted on the 11th!

Welcome to Fable!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

We can't believe Fable's already been here for a week - and it's taken us this long to get around to making a blog post about it!  So by now, you've probably already seen her lounging around the annex.  When she first arrived here via On Angels' Wings, we brought her to our favorite vet, Cary Grove Animal Hospital.  There, an ultrasound and X-ray showed us that she has three kittens, and they were at least 45 days along.  That means they had, at most, two weeks left to go!  And that was one week ago - so we expect her to deliver any day now!

Here's some initial photos of our lovely new momcat:

Some quick news items before we give you bonus photos:

  • Tiffiny had a successful spay on Tuesday, and also had a bladder diverticulum surgically corrected at the same time.  She's doing super fantastic and spending a lot of time recovering in the master bedroom.
  • Bear and Toast have reached graduation weight and will have their surgeries next Tuesday.
  • Mailbag will be happening as usual this weekend, with DJ included - but mailbag the following week, the 27th, will be canceled due to KA-Con 2!
  • DJ has created a new page to help explain our "No Sads" policy.

And here's some bonus photos of the Breakfast club!

Breakfast Kittens Update Photos!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Because the kittens have matured so much since the introduction/cheatsheet photos, we're going to provide a new set here.

A lot of folks have noticed that Chai is somewhat wall-eyed.  This is common for little kittens.  Their eyes are still developing.  It usually resolves itself around the time their eyes are changing from blue to their adult colors.  It's nothing to be concerned about now!

Not much news to share today - although it is news that Frolic has an adopter, who will be picking her up around 13:00 KATZ (Kitten Academy Time Zone) on Saturday the 9th!  Frolic gets along well here but we think she'll be happy to get to a place she can call her own that's a little less filled with cats.

Waffles - Male - Usually has ears dyed blue/green for identification purposes.

Donut - Male

Muffin - Female

Bearclaw - Male

Chai - Female

Egg - Female

Toast - Male - Usually has ears dyed red/brown for identification purposes.

Tiffiny - Momcat

...and here's all the rest!