Solemates Graduation!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

The Solemates are all getting near to graduation! Hushpuppy had his graduation ceremony at the vet on Friday the 19th and the rest of the kids will have theirs on the 3rd. Lace is a special case - we’re waiting on some further tests to make sure she’s super healthy before we (re)schedule hers.

Although we haven’t yet scheduled pick-up dates with any of the adopters, all the Solemates — including Lace — now have confirmed adopters! Also, Hubbub and Rumpus of the Tantrums also have confirmed adopters! We’re kind of hoping someone adopts three generations of girls, Teacup, Tempest, and Kerfuffle, all together - but more on that later!







And here’s all the photos from the photoshoot! Apologies that we messed up the focus/aperture on the group photos.

One Month of Tantrums!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Today the Tantrums are one month old - and they’re growing like crazy! We finally gave them collars so that we can tell them apart. Well, DJ has always been able to tell but Mr. A not so much. The collars should make it easier for everyone!

Before we get on with the photos, a couple quick news items to cover:

  • On Angels’ Wings and Conscious Cup are running another fundraiser. We’re not directly involved this time, but they are bringing back the Kitten Academy “Just Bean Adopted” blend, so if you missed it before, now’s your chance - it’s back for a limited time only! As before, the proceeds go to On Angels’ Wings.

  • Tomorrow, Friday the 19th, Lace and Hushpuppy will be going to the vet for their graduation surgeries!

  • Oxford, Hushpuppy and Sneaker have approved adopters - more on that later!

  • We’ve done a graduation photoshoot for the Solemates, which will be coming in another blogpost in the next few days!

  • Our move to Connecticut is tentatively scheduled for the end of May/start of June. More on that later as well!

Here’s all the Tantrum photoshoot photos!

Welcome to Tempest's Tantrums!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Last Thursday, the 21st, Tempest delivered her three adorable orange kittens. Mr. A was out of town, looking for a new home for the Academy in Connecticut, so DJ handled the midwifery all on her own. Of course she did a great job, and so did Tempest!

Since then, the three kittens have been growing at an incredible rate! Both Tempest and Teacup have been caring for them. While only Tempest is able to feed them, Teacup gives them plenty of cleanings and snuggles. And she does the same for Tempest! The love between these two cats is incredible and rest assured we’ll do all we can to get them adopted together!

On that note, we have a wonderful T-shirt in our Teespring store that has art of Tempest and Teacup together, by the fabulous Joanna Crook. If you can’t adopt them, you can at least adopt the T-shirt!

Because it can be difficult to tell the three kittens apart, we’re providing a separate album for each below.


Hubbub - Male

Rumpus - Male

Kerfuffle - Female

Tempest - Mom - Torbie. Teacup - Co-mom - Calico.

Updates on the Solemates and TnT!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Only a little news this time out - this post is mostly here just to share the latest photos.

Tempest’s kittens are visible on X-ray which means she has less than three weeks left before delivery. The vet was able to see three kiittens! Teacup is not pregnant - we checked three times! Teacup will be spayed and have her dental work done next Tuesday, the 12th.

Lace and her kittens are doing wonderfully! The kittens are gaining weight at an astounding rate and Lace is handling all their needs now. She’s feeling much better and has become a super-mom!

Finally, Match Day is Friday the 15th - that’s when DJ will find out where she’s been accepted for her surgical residency and we’ll learn where we’re going to be living. We’ll be sure to let you know!

Welcome to TnT and The Solemates!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

We’ve got a ton of news to cover, so we’ll try to go quickly!

Tempest and Teacup

Firstly, we brought in two cats from central Illinois. They were living together before they came to Kitten Academy and it shows - we’ve never seen two adult cats who are so friendly with each other! One is a torbie named Tempest, who is confirmed pregnant by Dr. Quinn at Cary Grove Animal Hospital. Dr. Quinn guesses that she’s about 30 days along - so we’ve got another month to go before delivery. The other is a calico named Teacup. Dr. Quinn doesn’t think Teacup is pregnant. Teacup also needs some dental work, so we’re bringing her in on Tuesday the 26th (it was rescheduled) to double-check whether she is pregnant, and if not, we’ll have her dental work done and also her spay. Our plan is to allow both of them to live together through the delivery of Tempest’s kittens - if they continue to get along so well.


Next important note - Cooper has an adopter! We haven’t scheduled an exact time, but we expect him to be picked up in early March.

There’s some absolutely fantastic new designs on our Teespring store - check them out!

Finally, today we brought in another momcat and her week-old kittens. They were rescued by McHenry County Animal Control and On Angels’ Wings brought them to us so that we’d have some actual kittens at this Academy while we wait on Tempest’s litter. Here’s their photos and names:

Lace - Momcat

Hushpuppy - Male

Wedge - Male

Pennyloafer - Female

Oxford - Male

Sneaker - Male

And finally, here’s the rest of the photos from recent photoshoots!

Belated Welcome to Cooper!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

We intended to put up a welcome post for Cooper some time ago! Unfortunately, he wasn’t feeling well so we put it off until he got better. And we’re glad to say - he is!

Cooper - Male - (Muppet?)

As you probably know, Cooper joined the Working Class kittens late. We’re told he was found frequenting a Subway sandwich shop in Bridgeport.

He’s currently the only kitten at the Academy without an official adopter, though we’re told there’s a couple potentials that On Angels’ Wings is just checking out now. Apothecary and Troubadour went to their adopter a week ago, and we expect Draper and Squire, who are adopted together, as well as Haberdasher and Wainwright, also adopted together, to be picked up by their adopters towards the end of this month!

We just heard from On Angels’ Wings that they may have not one, but two new momcats for us next week - a tag team! More on that as it develops!

Finally, we wanted to mention that we have a new store - we’re moving from Zazzle to Teespring, thanks to the efforts of Jay, our new “Art Coordinator” and Syl, who’s been assisting with that and various other tasks around the Academy. Teespring has a nice way of working with YouTube and also gives us a much larger percentage of the sales than Zazzle did. Jay has a bunch of the Kitten Academy logo merch up on our Teespring store already — and we suggest you fill up your piggy bank because you’re totally going to want the designs that are coming to the store in the near future from some of our favorite artists! More on that later, too!

Meanwhile - here’s our photoshoot of Cooper and the Gang!

Welcome Working Class!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

As you probably know from watching the live stream, our Twitter, Facebook, or the Discord chat for Patreons, we got a new class of kittens in on Wednesday the 9th! They were brought in to On Angels’ Wings from animal control in central Illinois. Based on their weights on the weight chart, they are approximately 3-4 months old and already eligible for graduation, so get your applications in soon! This class is super sweet and hyper active!

You probably also know that we’ve had a late addition, Cooper, from animal control near the south side of Chicago. They had told us Cooper was a girl but the vet has verified Cooper is a boy! We’ll add photos of Cooper here as soon as we’re able to set up a photoshoot. Meanwhile, Cooper is staying in the Master Bedroom while we work on slowly introducing him to the rest of the class!

We’ve got some other news to share with you but we’ll make a separate post about it sometime in the next few days!

Squire - Female - Maroon Collar

Haberdasher - Male - Orange Collar

Wainwright - Male - Black Collar

Apothecary - Female - Lavender Collar

Draper - Male - Green Collar

Troubadour - Male - White Collar

As usual, we’ve got a whole bunch of extra photos from the photoshoot!

Well-Versed Graduation and News!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

We’ve got some news before we get into the graduation photos for Verse’s younger class. Let’s start with the schedule of known adoptions:

  • Dec 8th - Ace will be joining former graduate Faucet

  • Dec 8th - Astute

  • Dec 13th - Erudite and Poise together

  • Dec 16th - Flair will be joining former graduate Tahini

  • Early Jan - Wise and Prodigy together will be joining former graduate Tweed

The planned adopter for Verse and Bookworm, who were going together, fell through, so On Angels’ Wings is currently working on contacting the next folks in line. It’s not unusual for this to happen, and so far, always seems to work out for the best! We sure aren’t going to complain about having these sweeties around a little longer!

On Wednesday the 5th, On Angels’ Wings will be bringing a new kitten, Parable, to join Verse’s kids at the Academy. She’s about the same age and size — and a cutie! We expect her to fit right in.

So, while Mr. A and DJ are gone this Christmas, from Dec 17th to January 3rd, JimmyD and JenniD will be taking care of the Kitten Academy. They were both wonderful the last time they took over and if you weren’t around for that, you are in for a treat!

We expect to have at least Parable (the new kitten), Wise, and Prodigy here for that time we are gone. And possibly Verse and Book as well. Either way, it should be plenty of entertainment for your own Christmas break! And huge thanks for JimmyD and JenniD for choosing to spend their own Christmas this year helping kittens and providing a little bit of entertainment for all of us.

Finally, don’t forget about our KA/OAW coffee fundraiser, which you can read all about here.

We’ll share some photos of Parable later this week - meanwhile, here’s the graduation photoshoot for the rest of the class!










And here’s all the rest!

Get KA-ffeinated!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians and Coffee Lovers!

There’s not going to be very many kittens in this post, so if you’re not interested in coffee, click here for the Verse graduation and news announcement!

If you’re just trying to find the page where we’re selling the coffee, that’s here.

Pulling a perfect shot!

The coffee experts at our local coffee roaster, Conscious Cup, have volunteered to help raise some funds for On Angels’ Wings by creating a couple of limited run coffee blends for us. Over the last three weeks, we’ve visited them several times to learn more about coffee, sample their beans, and try to create two perfect coffee blends.

It’s been an eye-opening experience for us - and not just because of all the caffeine. We’ve learned a lot about all the subtle flavors that can be present in a coffee, and some about where they come from and what they mean.

Conscious Cup

Enjoying coffee is like enjoying art, or chocolate - or anything else. It’s not really important what the experts think — as long as you enjoy it. Still, we find we don’t enjoy our old favorite coffee the way we used to — after bringing it in to compare against the Conscious Cup options. Our beans just taste burned. And DJ’s favorite commercial Pumpkin Spiced Latte doesn’t taste as sweet anymore now that she’s had the homemade “Salted Caramel Pumpkin Spiced Latte” from CC.

Dotty made this adorable image for us!

So we’re pretty excited to be able to offer you coffee, and a few other things, from Conscious Cup. We’ve created the “Just Bean Adopted” Kitten Academy blend for cat lovers, and a “Stay Pawsitive” On Angels’ Wings blend for the dog people. Of course, they’re both great for anyone who needs a strong cup in the morning, whatever your preference in animal companion. We’ve also got a decaf blend, hot cocoa, teas, and some chocolate. You can find all that here, and for a while, in the website menu under “Other.” (Some of the images on the sales page may be placeholders for the moment!)

This is our first time trying to do something like this and we’re still working out the process, so I hope you can understand that for the moment, we can only ship to the USA, using USPS Priority Mail. We’ll look at expanding that option - let us hear about it if you want that!

[ EDIT! Conscious Cup wants to make sure they ship absolutely fresh-roasted coffee. So we’ll take orders before Saturday, they’ll roast the coffee Sun, Mon, Tues, and ship it out on Wednesday. Then we’ll repeat it next week! So don’t expect your coffee next-day, at worst, it’ll take about 10 days to ship! ]

As with any fundraisers we participate in, a percentage of the proceeds will be going to On Angels’ Wings. They’re the shelter that manages finding the cats that come to Kitten Academy, as well as adoptions of the kittens who graduate. They also shelter many cats and dogs, and manage many other foster homes. Kitten Academy will not be taking any percentage of the proceeds - we are helping to support OAW, who’ve supported us for so long.

Here’s a few extra photos we took while we were there:

Happy Meowloween!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Mister A. is going to be out of town for most of the next week - so it’ll be just DJ managing the Academy. That means no mailbag this weekend!

We’ve scheduled graduation for Fable’s kids - Ink on the 6th, and Quill and Parchment on the 13th. We’re not sure yet when their adopters will pick them up, but we’re sure it won’t be long!

Now on to the real purpose of this post: Halloween photos of the faculty and students!