Welcome to Tailor's Bespoke Tinypants!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

DJ’s cheat sheet!

Our newest momcat, Tailor, arrived a week ago from near Savannah, Georgia. She delivered two of her kittens on the transport up from GA, and the third and final kitten at the Academy. Her paperwork says she may be half Bengal and despite her diminutive size, her amazing colors seem to bear that out! Thanks to Tabby Tales and DAWS for coordinating her arrival at the Academy!

Before we get on with the official photos, we have the results of the Basepaws poll from our last entry. You have chosen Magnolia to be the faculty member that we test first! We’ll be sure to let you know when we submit the test and the results when it comes back!

All right then - on with the kittens!

Knickerbocker - Male

Culotte - Female

Blue Jean - Female

Tailor - Momcat

And here’s the rest:

Wiggles, DNA, KA-Con, and More!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

We’ve got an epic-sized photoshoot to share with you but first, some stuff to talk about!

Firstly, we asked the fine folks at DAWS - that’s the shelter we work with here in Connecticut - to start looking around for our next momcat. The Wiggles still have a month or more with us, but we’re ready to open the annex soon! I believe DAWS will begin processing applications for the Wiggles soon, so if you still need to apply to adopt, you can do that here! If you already filled out an application, don’t worry - DAWS got them all!

Next, the KA-Con planning committee has asked us to remind you, if you are attending KA-Con, you can still purchase raffle tickets in advance online. You can also purchase them at KA-Con, but if you get them there, it will be cash sales only! So if you want to use a card, hop on over to the raffle page and get them while they’re hot!

Sorry to say, if you are not attending KA-Con, you can’t participate in the raffle. So don’t buy raffle tickets if you won’t be there!

You might recall that our friends at Basepaws sent us a free DNA testing kit a couple weeks ago. You can see Mr. A talk about it for way too long on this mailbag. We’re really excited about the work they’re doing to help pre-screen genetic diseases and we’re also super excited about the possibility of identifying familial relationships in the future!

We’d like you to vote on which of the KA Faculty gets the test! You’re on your honor to only vote once.

Polling Closed - Here’s the results!

[Edited 2019-09-07: Removed the poll and put in the results instead]

We’ll post the results of the vote in our next blog post! Meanwhile — here’s the photos we promised you!

Wiggles and KA-Con 3!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

We’ve got some great new photos of the Wiggles but before that, we need to take a minute to talk to you about KA-Con! We’ve got a lot to say and it’s all really important so I hope you bear with us and don’t just scroll down to the adorable photos!

We had a ton of fun meeting so many people at last year’s KA-Con, and all of the fun stuff the planning committee put together for it - I think our favorite part was the KA Jeopardy hosted by JimmyD; that’ll be back this year! There were questions even we couldn’t answer! And then there was the Q&A panel… where there were also questions we couldn’t answer!

Plenty of room for this years’ tattoo!

This year we’re aiming to be bigger and better and pack in even more fun - even if the real draw is meeting each other. We’ve got a raffle (and you can get raffle tickets in advance!) that includes all kinds of fabulous prizes for cats and their humans, including the grand prize of a visit to the new Kitten Academy in CT to meet the Faculty and the current students! And perhaps best of all, the amazingly talented local(ish) kitten foster Sarah Donner will be there, and she will be putting on a concert for the KA-Con attendees!

This is the first year we’ve opened KA-Con to the public, and that makes the planning process a lot trickier than what we’ve been through in previous years. The planning committee guesstimated about 200-300 attendees and has set up the contracts with the venue to reflect that. So far, roughly 100 of you have bought your tickets and confirmed you’ll be there. Thank you!

We need to ask the rest of you for some help. It’s super helpful for the planning committee if you buy your tickets soon. In fact, a lot of the committee’s ability to plan absolutely depends on you doing just that. So if you’re pretty certain you’d like to go - and you should! - it would be a great idea to head over to the KA-Con website and get signed up now. In order to encourage folks to get in early and not at the last minute, the ticket prices are going to go up quite a bit in a couple of weeks. We’d certainly prefer not to have it that way, but we hope you can understand the necessity. And the venue has required that we stop selling tickets completely by Sept 1 so they have final numbers for the lunch on Saturday that’s included for all attendees. So if you plan on waiting until the last minute - it will be too late!

We also know a few folks have expressed some “sticker shock” at the current price, even before it goes up. We can understand that. Last year we were able to go cheaper due to many factors, such as a generous anonymous sponsor, and a venue that was way off the beaten path. Even so, we fell short of breaking even on the event costs. This year we’re looking at a much larger deficit, even with the new ticket prices. We’ll end up covering that difference ourselves, and it’s worth it to have a chance to meet so many of you - but obviously, the more of you we meet, the more favorably that math works out!

TL;DR: We really want to meet you at KA-Con and it would help us (and you!) a lot if you got your tickets now! Now here’s the cute kittens we promised!

Fidget - Female

Flip - Female

Twist - Female

Cartwheel - Male

Twiddle - Male

Whimsy - Mom

As usual - here’s the rest of the photoshoot!

Just More Art - no pun!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Today we have the fifth and final (for now!) installment of our Kitten Academy fan art series! Sorry this last bit was such a long time coming.

The only real news today is that Whimsy is feeling much better and the kittens are all healthy - things are all good at the Academy right meow!

Banjo by Jay (mlem!) TheSmokefall

Elsie by Jay (mlem!) TheSmokefall

Chili by Jay (mlem!) TheSmokefall

Magnolia by LilyCatsMom

DJ with Chili Beans by Olivia

Ivy’s League by Olivia

Ivy’s League by Olivia

Pennyloafer by Xaph11

Hushpuppy by Banksyl

We absolutely love all the art so if you feel inspired, please tweet your art @kitten_academy, or email it to headmaster@kitten.academy!

Welcome Whimsical Wiggles!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

DJ made a cheat-sheet!

There’s one more post in our five-part art series, but not today. Also, don’t forget about KA-Con 3!

Today we give our official welcome to Whimsy and her five wiggly kittens! Whimsy is our first cat brought to us through our new shelter, the Danbury Animal Welfare Society. They are completely awesome and you should check them out!

As you know, Whimsy has been fighting off a bit of an upper respiratory infection. She’s still sneezing a bit but otherwise it seems like she’s feeling much better lately! She’s been eating and drinking on her own again and we’re continuing her treatments of antivirals and antibiotics until she’s completely well.

Her five little kittens seem super healthy so far! Here they are:

Fidget - Female - Torbie

Flip - Female - Dilute Tortie?

Twist - Female - Tabby

Cartwheel - Male - Tabby

Twiddle - Male - Tabby

Whimsy - Momcat

It can be difficult to tell Twist and Cartwheel apart on the stream. Twist has a bold white ring on her back right leg, and also a white neck under her chin. Cartwheel doesn’t - so that’s an easy way to tell who is who if those parts are visible. When they get big enough, we may consider collars to help differentiate them.

Here’s all the rest of the photoshoot!

Tantrums Graduation!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

The Tantrums got picked up by their adopters today, at OAW. TnT will get picked up on the 22nd. Huge thanks to Cari for seeing them through to graduation while we were busy moving to Connecticut!

We took Whimsy to the vet (again) this morning and have changed her antibiotic, given anti-nausea, fluids, and a little something to make it easier for her to eat. We think she’ll be back on track soon.

Meanwhile, here’s some graduation photos we took before we left Illinois!






And here’s all the rest!

Take Another Little Piece of my Art!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

It’s an exciting day! As we write this, we’re streaming live from Connecticut for the first time. It’s a bit poor quality due to the temporary wireless setup, but we’ll be working on resolving that over the next few days and also Cari will be streaming the Tantrums from Illinois most of the time - until Friday, when we intend to take over full time again.

We expect our new momcat to arrive today!

Meanwhile - some additional arts! Part four in our five-part art retrospectacle!

Home is Where the Art Is!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

We got word that DAWS has found a new pregnant momcat to be our first momcat in Connecticut! We expect her to arrive on Wednesday. We’ll definitely share video of her right away, but we may not get her on the regular stream until later in the week. More on that later - !

Meanwhile, here’s the third installment of the art retrospective!

Wherefore Art Thou?

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

These aren’t all going to be Shakespeare puns, I promise!

Anyhow, we’ll keep this brief! Just a quick reminder that KA-Con 3 tickets are for sale here. We don’t plan to make any money at KA-Con - the ticket sales are entirely to pay for the venue and events. We’ll let Dr. Bru tell you all about it here. We’d really like to see all of you there so we’ll keep talking about it in future blog posts!

Meanwhile, here’s some more fantastic art from the past! (Isn’t all art from the past? We want to see art from the future!) If you have some art to share, please tweet it at us, or email it to headmaster@kitten.academy, or if you’re on our Discord for Patreons, you know what to do!

Arting is such Sweet Sorrow!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

We’ve arrived in Connecticat and we’re working hard on getting things in order for the Academy out here. The faculty were pretty calm for the trip - especially on the second day. They all seem to be enjoying the new house, although it’s still very empty until all our stuff arrives in a week or two.

Meanwhile, Jay and Syl have worked to put together a series of five blog posts that showcase some of the art that Kitten Academy viewers have made! We absolutely love how talented and creative these artists are and we hope these posts inspire some of you to create your own KA-themed art!