Random Mews and Photos!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Just some quick updates as an excuse to share the latest photos:

The new Momcat!

The new Momcat!

  • Finch, Budgie, Wren, and Graycie are all going to the vet on Tuesday for their Graduation.  They'll be back Tuesday night.  They may have to stay in the Annex for an evening while they recover.
  • We currently are expecting for Finch, Wren and Fig to be picked up by their adopters on the 15th and 16th.  We'll let you know if there's any changes!
  • Our new pregnant momcat is arriving from Kentucky on Thursday.  She's reportedly very young, perhaps as young as six months old!  
  • Another one of our videos has mysteriously disappeared from YouTube.  In light of this and the continued issues with sound and video quality from the YouTube streaming application, we intend to do a lot of not-live daily closeup streams until Google patches things up.
  • Adopters are still needed for Magnolia, Budgie, Sassafras, and Chestnut!

Here's a whole bunch of random recent photos of varying quality!