Photodump with Lots of Mews!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

We've got a whole bunch of photos from the course of the last month to share with you.  But first, we have a bunch of things to talk about!

Current Kittens

Quiche Lorraine

Most importantly, if you get all your news from our site, you may not know the status of the current kittens and cats at the Academy.  In our last Mewspaper post, we were expecting an orange mom cat to arrive - she did, but it turns out, she wasn't pregnant.  Just a bit chubby!  So On Angels' Wings had another momcat in reserve, who definitely is pregnant.  That's Quiche Lorraine, our Calico momcat with a Manx-style tail.  The vet suspects she still has a week or two to go before she will deliver two or more kittens.

Lorraine is staying in the annex, while the orange not-momcat, now named Cashew, is in the main room with the remaining Trees.  But not for long!  Cashew's adoption will take place at 2:00pm KATZ tomorrow, Saturday the 30th.  

That leaves us with Magnolia, Sassafras, and Chestnut who are ready to be adopted!

Wombat's Kitten Academy Stories

Wombat is the nickname of one of our Discord chat participants who has been writing very imaginative stories about the Kitten Academy for some time now.  As a Christmas present to all of us, Dr. Bru (the same one who organized KA-Con) helped arrange to have several artists illustrate the stories, and get the whole thing published as a real book that you can own!  Here's a link to our page that explains all the ways you can find the stories.  

Purrfect Cat Rescue


Our friends Deb and Diane, who brought us Graycie with the help of mutual friend Catman Chris, are starting their own cat rescue and shelter.  This is super exciting; they're all wonderful people who have put cats first in their lives for a long time now.  We originally met them when we were all working with Animal Outreach Society, and at the time we were impressed that Deb was fostering fourteen kittens all at once!  We would encourage you to keep an eye on their progress via their website, and if you feel like you want to help them out, they are running a GoFundMe campaign to raise the funds for a physical location.  Obligatory warning: Catman Chris and Purrfect Cat Rescue don't necessarily adhere to the "No Sads" policy, though they did switch a few things around on the GoFundMe already to avoid unnecessary sads.