Welcome to Graycie!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Earlier this month, Cat Man Chris of Cole and Marmalade fame, along with our mutual friends, Deb and Diane, rescued a tiny grey kitten, who they named "Grayson."  When they brought it to the vet for a checkup, they discovered the presumed little boy was in fact a little girl, and so she became "Graycie."  They immediately enrolled her in the Academy, where she has joined the Birbs in the annex.  The first couple days she was a little standoffish, but now they are all good friends and she spends most of her time wrestling with Wren!


Before we get to all the photos, here's some quick news of adoptions:

  • Wren, Budgie, Finch, and Graycie all have their "Graduation" scheduled for December 5th - so they will be ready to go to adopters the following weekend.  You can go ahead and apply now!
  • At 1pm Saturday, approved adopters for Hickory and Maple will be visiting the Academy to meet their potential kittens and see if it's truly a good fit.  If it is, they may go home with their family on Saturday!
  • At the same time, approved adopters for Graycie will be visiting her, but she can't go home until after her graduation on Dec 5th.
  • At noon on Sunday, Hannah Banana will be picked up by her approved adopters!
  • Juniper will be picked up by her adopters (the adopters of her brothers Crabapple and Larch!) on December 2nd.
  • Buckeye will be picked up by his adopters on December 2nd as well!
  • Fig will be picked up by her adopters on December 16th.
  • Wren has an approved adopter, but no schedule has been set yet for the adoption.

That leaves Budgie, Finch, Chestnut, Sassafras, and Maggie still in need of adoptions!

We hope you'll consider applying for one of these kittens - you can use our online form, which goes directly to the fine people at On Angels' Wings, who are responsible for managing all the adoptions.  Even if the kitten you like has an approved adopter, you can still apply - sometimes people drop out at the last minute!