Welcome to the Scientific Mewnits!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Before we introduce the newest class, some important mewsbits to get out of the way!

Chestnut Virtual Boop

Chestnut and Sassafras are getting adopted, together, this Saturday around 4pm KATZ.  They'll be flying to their new home in Oregon!

Quiche Lorraine - who we said was definitely pregnant in our last Mewspaper entry - was not pregnant!  The vet originally just felt around for kittens, but last week we brought her in an had a real X-ray and ultrasound done, and found out there were no kittens after all!  She was spayed on Tuesday and is recovering in the master bedroom.  After that, we'll see if she gets along in the house - if she doesn't or is too nervous, we'll try to get her placed with a different foster at On Angels' Wings until she is adopted.

This week, On Angels' Wings found another cat that animal control said was pregnant, and this time we got her all the tests before coming to the Academy.  Turns out, she wasn't pregnant either!  That's zero out of three!  Maybe the next time will be it!  This latest momcat will go to another foster at On Angels' Wings and be eligible for adoption right away!

If you watch the Kitten Weights Spreadsheet, there's a new version for 2018 here.

Quiche Lorraine and Magnolia are both still looking for adopters!  You can apply right here!

The Scientific Mewnits!

While we continue to keep an eye out for a pregnant momcat in need, we've taken on our latest class of four adorable kittens.  They're roughly two months old, and they are not related to each other - just happened to all come in to the same shelter in southern Illinois. 

Even though she's out of town, DJ has named them after units of measurement.  Here's our roll call:

As usual, we've got a bunch of photos to share, of all the kittens and cats!