Welcome to the Birbs, and Many Updates!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Thank you all for your patience and for sticking by us though it's been a month since our last post.  Taking in such a large and diverse group of kittens as the Trees has certainly been an experience!  

We've got a lot of news and information to share - and we've also got over a hundred photos from the latest photoshoot.  This is going to be a long post!

Let's start with the new kittens!  Mr. A's own mom, in Kansas, fostered three tiny kittens - she gave them a wonderful start and all the care they needed to thrive.  She thought they might do best to get adopted if they came to the Kitten Academy to get some extra exposure.  They're roughly two months old now.  Welcome to The Birbs - because Birbs and Trees go together!

Budgie - Female

Finch - Female

Wren - Male

There's many more photos of the three of them in the gallery at the end of the post!  

We're told by On Angels' Wings that there are still no applications in for the wonderful Chestnut, Hannah (Banana), Hickory, Juniper, Magnolia, Maple, or Sassafras!

Even if the kitten or cat you wanted has applications in, you can still apply - sometimes things fall through at the last minute; or even after the last minute as with Babaghanoush, who returned to the Academy after his adopter turned out to have a severe allergy!  

On that note, we expect Babaghanoush to be picked up by his new adopter on the 11th, and Ginkgo will be joining alumni Kazoo and his family on the 18th!  None of the other pending adoptions are scheduled quite yet.

Finally, updates on the health of various kittens:  Fig has a minor eye infection, we're treating with antibiotics and some painkillers to keep her happy.  The vet suspects that Finch has a bit of a URI - we're treating with continued antibiotics.  And of course, the best news, when Eucalyptus was in for her spay, the vet found and removed a large nasopharyngeal polyp, which seems to have solved all her breathing issues!  She's still on antibiotics for a while while she heals up from the surgery.  Finally, we were keeping an eye on Buckeye's weight, but it seems as though he's already on the rebound and showing great gains!

[Edited:  We meant to also apologize here for being so far behind on e-mails.  We'll get caught up soon!]

Here's the giant gallery of photos, as promised!