Solemates Graduation!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

The Solemates are all getting near to graduation! Hushpuppy had his graduation ceremony at the vet on Friday the 19th and the rest of the kids will have theirs on the 3rd. Lace is a special case - we’re waiting on some further tests to make sure she’s super healthy before we (re)schedule hers.

Although we haven’t yet scheduled pick-up dates with any of the adopters, all the Solemates — including Lace — now have confirmed adopters! Also, Hubbub and Rumpus of the Tantrums also have confirmed adopters! We’re kind of hoping someone adopts three generations of girls, Teacup, Tempest, and Kerfuffle, all together - but more on that later!







And here’s all the photos from the photoshoot! Apologies that we messed up the focus/aperture on the group photos.

One Month of Tantrums!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Today the Tantrums are one month old - and they’re growing like crazy! We finally gave them collars so that we can tell them apart. Well, DJ has always been able to tell but Mr. A not so much. The collars should make it easier for everyone!

Before we get on with the photos, a couple quick news items to cover:

  • On Angels’ Wings and Conscious Cup are running another fundraiser. We’re not directly involved this time, but they are bringing back the Kitten Academy “Just Bean Adopted” blend, so if you missed it before, now’s your chance - it’s back for a limited time only! As before, the proceeds go to On Angels’ Wings.

  • Tomorrow, Friday the 19th, Lace and Hushpuppy will be going to the vet for their graduation surgeries!

  • Oxford, Hushpuppy and Sneaker have approved adopters - more on that later!

  • We’ve done a graduation photoshoot for the Solemates, which will be coming in another blogpost in the next few days!

  • Our move to Connecticut is tentatively scheduled for the end of May/start of June. More on that later as well!

Here’s all the Tantrum photoshoot photos!

Welcome to Tempest's Tantrums!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Last Thursday, the 21st, Tempest delivered her three adorable orange kittens. Mr. A was out of town, looking for a new home for the Academy in Connecticut, so DJ handled the midwifery all on her own. Of course she did a great job, and so did Tempest!

Since then, the three kittens have been growing at an incredible rate! Both Tempest and Teacup have been caring for them. While only Tempest is able to feed them, Teacup gives them plenty of cleanings and snuggles. And she does the same for Tempest! The love between these two cats is incredible and rest assured we’ll do all we can to get them adopted together!

On that note, we have a wonderful T-shirt in our Teespring store that has art of Tempest and Teacup together, by the fabulous Joanna Crook. If you can’t adopt them, you can at least adopt the T-shirt!

Because it can be difficult to tell the three kittens apart, we’re providing a separate album for each below.


Hubbub - Male

Rumpus - Male

Kerfuffle - Female

Tempest - Mom - Torbie. Teacup - Co-mom - Calico.

Updates on the Solemates and TnT!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Only a little news this time out - this post is mostly here just to share the latest photos.

Tempest’s kittens are visible on X-ray which means she has less than three weeks left before delivery. The vet was able to see three kiittens! Teacup is not pregnant - we checked three times! Teacup will be spayed and have her dental work done next Tuesday, the 12th.

Lace and her kittens are doing wonderfully! The kittens are gaining weight at an astounding rate and Lace is handling all their needs now. She’s feeling much better and has become a super-mom!

Finally, Match Day is Friday the 15th - that’s when DJ will find out where she’s been accepted for her residency and we’ll learn where we’re going to be living. We’ll be sure to let you know!

Welcome to TnT and The Solemates!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

We’ve got a ton of news to cover, so we’ll try to go quickly!

Tempest and Teacup

Firstly, we brought in two cats from central Illinois. They were living together before they came to Kitten Academy and it shows - we’ve never seen two adult cats who are so friendly with each other! One is a torbie named Tempest, who is confirmed pregnant by Dr. Quinn at Cary Grove Animal Hospital. Dr. Quinn guesses that she’s about 30 days along - so we’ve got another month to go before delivery. The other is a calico named Teacup. Dr. Quinn doesn’t think Teacup is pregnant. Teacup also needs some dental work, so we’re bringing her in on Tuesday the 26th (it was rescheduled) to double-check whether she is pregnant, and if not, we’ll have her dental work done and also her spay. Our plan is to allow both of them to live together through the delivery of Tempest’s kittens - if they continue to get along so well.


Next important note - Cooper has an adopter! We haven’t scheduled an exact time, but we expect him to be picked up in early March.

There’s some absolutely fantastic new designs on our Teespring store - check them out!

Finally, today we brought in another momcat and her week-old kittens. They were rescued by McHenry County Animal Control and On Angels’ Wings brought them to us so that we’d have some actual kittens at this Academy while we wait on Tempest’s litter. Here’s their photos and names:

Lace - Momcat

Hushpuppy - Male

Wedge - Male

Pennyloafer - Female

Oxford - Male

Sneaker - Male

And finally, here’s the rest of the photos from recent photoshoots!