Welcome to Tempest's Tantrums!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Last Thursday, the 21st, Tempest delivered her three adorable orange kittens. Mr. A was out of town, looking for a new home for the Academy in Connecticut, so DJ handled the midwifery all on her own. Of course she did a great job, and so did Tempest!

Since then, the three kittens have been growing at an incredible rate! Both Tempest and Teacup have been caring for them. While only Tempest is able to feed them, Teacup gives them plenty of cleanings and snuggles. And she does the same for Tempest! The love between these two cats is incredible and rest assured we’ll do all we can to get them adopted together!

On that note, we have a wonderful T-shirt in our Teespring store that has art of Tempest and Teacup together, by the fabulous Joanna Crook. If you can’t adopt them, you can at least adopt the T-shirt!

Because it can be difficult to tell the three kittens apart, we’re providing a separate album for each below.


Hubbub - Male

Rumpus - Male

Kerfuffle - Female

Tempest - Mom - Torbie. Teacup - Co-mom - Calico.