Brief Update on Hazel's Litter

First, a reminder:  Biscuit, Pudding, Vikki, and the ultra-popular Crumpet will all be in Crystal Lake tomorrow, ready for adoption.  I believe they will be at the PetCo from 11-2, and at On Angel's Wings otherwise, but contact On Angel's Wings if you need to be sure.

Now on to the good news and bad news.  

The good news is, Riker was adopted!  Super exciting!

The bad news is, Spot has been returned.  Her new family included an older cat, and the older cat just could not get along.  So, she's back at On Angel's Wings, and available for adoption.  She and Lt. Broccoli are both wonderful cats who deserve wonderful homes.  

Finally, Hazel has come to stay on the Academy grounds, just until her adopter can pick her up.  She's having a grand time.  Though she does get a little impatient waiting on her turn to play video games.  

Hazel's Class, Adoption Updates, Pt. 1

Coopi and Apple, Troi, Seven, and Spot have all been adopted!  

Riker, Lt. Broccoli, and Hazel are still waiting for their forever homes.

Here's some photos of our lucky kittens being adopted!

As a special bonus, the wonderful people who adopted Coopi (now "Olive") and Apple (now "Millie") sent us some photos of the kittens settling into their new home, as well as their new roommate, Zeke!  

It's going to be a great life for all these kittens with their new families!  

Updates All Over!

The last week has seen a massive surge in the number of people viewing the kitten livestream.  We've got over 1000 subscribers and are fast approaching 2000 likes!  That's amazing.  And just the other day, we had over 100 simultaneous watchers.  Thanks, YouTubers!  You're the best!  According to YouTube, almost 50,000 people have watched over 500,000 minutes on our stream.  That's almost one whole year... since April 20th!



Special thanks to our chat moderators, DJ, catlady2016, ltgaga, and Miki thedragonfan.  It's not easy keeping a crowd like this under control, and you've all been a great help.  

In other news, Apple, Coopi, and Spot were all adopted from Hazel's litter, but Seven, Troi, Riker, and Broccoli are still waiting for their forever homes.  So is Hazel!  These are WONDERFUL kittens, so please, consider adopting one from On Angel's Wings.  Here's some photos from the adoption event last weekend, and from the OAW shelter.

We'll post again soon with photos and news about the adopters of Spot, Apple, and Coopi.  stay tuned!

Finally, here's a heartwarming video gift from our latest moderator Miki to us - and to all of you!  

Graduation Photos!

Once the kittens have reached two pounds in weight -- and learned all their catting lessons -- they are sent to PAWS in Chicago for their spay or neuter, and microchipping.  Then they return to the academy for a day or two of recuperation; it doesn't take long for kittens to recover.  Finally, they get to spend time at the On Angel's Wings shelter in Crystal Lake.  Sometimes, if they're not adopted immediately, they'll get to return to the academy for a few days, so they don't have to be confined in cages at the shelter.  

If you're interested in adopting one of this class, now is the time to contact On Angel's Wings.  The phone number is (815) 356-8170.  Or you can find additional information on their Facebook page:

Our first class of 2016 is all over 2lbs now, and their trip to PAWS is scheduled for Wednesday the 22nd of June.  They'll be at the shelter the weekend of the 25th.  

Here's the official Graduation Roll Call:

Apple has already been adopted, along with her sister, Coopi.  They will live together in their new home.  They're already best friends, so it works out well!

We love all the kittens here at the Academy, but Spot loves us back more than any of the others.  She's always the first to greet us when we come into the room, and the most likely to curl up and sleep on a lap.  She's likely to grow up into a great lap companion.

Lieutenant Broccoli is one of the two boys in the litter, and he also loves his people.  Playful and affectionate in equal parts, he'll make a fine feline friend.

Riker is the other boy in this group.  Rambunctious and adventurous as his namesake!  

Seven was the seventh of the litter to arrive.  She's the smallest, but she makes up for her small size with energy!

Coopi was adopted early, along with her sister Apple.  They'll be the first to move on after graduation next week!  We'll miss them both dearly.

Troi is an independent kitten who likes to do her own thing... though often times that thing is playing and wrestling with her classmates!

In addition, the mother cat, Hazel, will also be spayed and available for adoption on the same schedule. She's a wonderful cat who gets along great with other cats, and dogs.  She's playful, smart, and super affectionate!  

We'll have to get a new photo of Hazel soon - here's an archive shot from several weeks ago.

First Day Out!

A few days ago, we let the class go on a field trip to the living room.  Here's some photos of various quality covering the event!  It was mostly a success, but Hazel is very protective of her children, and when Spot hissed at Elsie, our dog, Hazel went into full attack mode and we had to put everyone away.  Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

Kitten Playtime!

Here's some video archived from the live stream, yesterday, while the kittens were all being very active.  Everybody was kung-fu fighting!  At the sixteen-minute mark, Coopi does some epic climbing, for a kitten.  Perhaps someday she will be the climbing expert.

Sorry for any encoding glitches.  I think there are less after the first few minutes.

Photos and Updates!

Things are moving pretty fast at the Kitten Academy!  The students have all been eating food on their own -- both wet food and solid kibble.  I think this is the first group to start on solid kibble so early.  They're also using the litterbox, though not quite as consistently as we might like.  

We took some new photos the other day.  Hope you enjoy them!

Kittens Learning to Eat!

The last couple of days, the kittens have been slowly learning to eat food from a plate, instead of just nursing from Hazel.  Here's four unedited videos of them getting started.  And see below for some bonus images of Spot!

As a bonus, here's the image of Spot used for the blog thumbnail, and a couple extras.

First Vet Trip!

Today Hazel and her kids all crowded into a single carrier and took a trip to the Randall Road Animal Hospital.  Kitten Academy tends to use them a lot, since they have a deal with On Angels' Wings, the foster group that provides us with our kittens.  

One of the black kittens has a little bit of an eye infection - nothing serious.  Other than that, everyone is in great health!  Everyone got their first deworming, too.