Brief Update on Hazel's Litter

First, a reminder:  Biscuit, Pudding, Vikki, and the ultra-popular Crumpet will all be in Crystal Lake tomorrow, ready for adoption.  I believe they will be at the PetCo from 11-2, and at On Angel's Wings otherwise, but contact On Angel's Wings if you need to be sure.

Now on to the good news and bad news.  

The good news is, Riker was adopted!  Super exciting!

The bad news is, Spot has been returned.  Her new family included an older cat, and the older cat just could not get along.  So, she's back at On Angel's Wings, and available for adoption.  She and Lt. Broccoli are both wonderful cats who deserve wonderful homes.  

Finally, Hazel has come to stay on the Academy grounds, just until her adopter can pick her up.  She's having a grand time.  Though she does get a little impatient waiting on her turn to play video games.