Welcome Whimsical Wiggles!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

DJ made a cheat-sheet!

There’s one more post in our five-part art series, but not today. Also, don’t forget about KA-Con 3!

Today we give our official welcome to Whimsy and her five wiggly kittens! Whimsy is our first cat brought to us through our new shelter, the Danbury Animal Welfare Society. They are completely awesome and you should check them out!

As you know, Whimsy has been fighting off a bit of an upper respiratory infection. She’s still sneezing a bit but otherwise it seems like she’s feeling much better lately! She’s been eating and drinking on her own again and we’re continuing her treatments of antivirals and antibiotics until she’s completely well.

Her five little kittens seem super healthy so far! Here they are:

Fidget - Female - Torbie

Flip - Female - Dilute Tortie?

Twist - Female - Tabby

Cartwheel - Male - Tabby

Twiddle - Male - Tabby

Whimsy - Momcat

It can be difficult to tell Twist and Cartwheel apart on the stream. Twist has a bold white ring on her back right leg, and also a white neck under her chin. Cartwheel doesn’t - so that’s an easy way to tell who is who if those parts are visible. When they get big enough, we may consider collars to help differentiate them.

Here’s all the rest of the photoshoot!