Just More Art - no pun!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Today we have the fifth and final (for now!) installment of our Kitten Academy fan art series! Sorry this last bit was such a long time coming.

The only real news today is that Whimsy is feeling much better and the kittens are all healthy - things are all good at the Academy right meow!

Banjo by Jay (mlem!) TheSmokefall

Elsie by Jay (mlem!) TheSmokefall

Chili by Jay (mlem!) TheSmokefall

Magnolia by LilyCatsMom

DJ with Chili Beans by Olivia

Ivy’s League by Olivia

Ivy’s League by Olivia

Pennyloafer by Xaph11

Hushpuppy by Banksyl

We absolutely love all the art so if you feel inspired, please tweet your art @kitten_academy, or email it to headmaster@kitten.academy!