Wiggles, DNA, KA-Con, and More!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

We’ve got an epic-sized photoshoot to share with you but first, some stuff to talk about!

Firstly, we asked the fine folks at DAWS - that’s the shelter we work with here in Connecticut - to start looking around for our next momcat. The Wiggles still have a month or more with us, but we’re ready to open the annex soon! I believe DAWS will begin processing applications for the Wiggles soon, so if you still need to apply to adopt, you can do that here! If you already filled out an application, don’t worry - DAWS got them all!

Next, the KA-Con planning committee has asked us to remind you, if you are attending KA-Con, you can still purchase raffle tickets in advance online. You can also purchase them at KA-Con, but if you get them there, it will be cash sales only! So if you want to use a card, hop on over to the raffle page and get them while they’re hot!

Sorry to say, if you are not attending KA-Con, you can’t participate in the raffle. So don’t buy raffle tickets if you won’t be there!

You might recall that our friends at Basepaws sent us a free DNA testing kit a couple weeks ago. You can see Mr. A talk about it for way too long on this mailbag. We’re really excited about the work they’re doing to help pre-screen genetic diseases and we’re also super excited about the possibility of identifying familial relationships in the future!

We’d like you to vote on which of the KA Faculty gets the test! You’re on your honor to only vote once.

Polling Closed - Here’s the results!

[Edited 2019-09-07: Removed the poll and put in the results instead]

We’ll post the results of the vote in our next blog post! Meanwhile — here’s the photos we promised you!