Introducing The Fonts! (Part One)

Firstly, let us thank all of you - The Sprigs were adopted in record time.  Less than two hours from the start of the adoption event, they were all gone to their new homes!  It's because all of you have spread the word about Kitten Academy that this happened.  It's wonderful.  Thank you!

And a quick update on Velvet and the Textiles:  They're all getting much better every day.  Flannel's eye is great, and Poplin and Jackie aren't far behind.  Velvet is still sneezing a little, but every day closer to perfect health.  She has a follow-up appointment at the vet tomorrow evening - Wednesday the 11th.

Now the big news:  yesterday, a new family arrived at the Academy.  The momcat, Arial, was picked up by local Animal Control on the 5th of January, and delivered her babies at Animal Control on the 6th.  She was then transferred to On Angels' Wings, who has placed her in the Kitten Academy Annex.  So far, she's a dedicated momcat, and friendly, too.  She purrs and enjoys belly rubs like Ivy did.  That's everything we know about the new family!

We'll put up a new cheatsheet in a week or two when the Fonts have their eyes open and we have gotten better photos.  But in the meantime, here's the key to identifying which of the new tiny kittens are which!

Baskerville - Male

Wingdings - Female - A.K.A. Winnie

Garamond - Male - A.K.A. Gary

Zapf (Chancery) - Male

Arial - Female

As usual, here's the full album of photos we took yesterday!