Sprigs Graduation!

Happy New Year to you!  December was a wild month for us, so we apologize for not having the opportunity to publish more, and to really celebrate the holidays with you in the ways we would have liked.  

Though it seems like only yesterday, the Sprigs joined us on November 11th, and the time has come for them to graduate from the Kitten Academy.  The "graduation ceremony" (spay/neuter, microchipping, vaccinations, etc) will be on Tuesday, January 3rd, and then after a few days of recovering at the Academy, they will go to PetSmart, in McHenry, IL, on Saturday the 7th, where they will remain until they are adopted.

If you'd like to adopt one (or more!) of the Sprigs, it's not too early to get your application in to Animal Outreach Society, in McHenry, IL.  We know that Basil and Tarragon are already adopted by a wonderful couple from California, who will be keeping us informed about their new lives.  The rest are not yet spoken for, as far as we've been made aware by Animal Outreach Society.  They are all wonderful, affectionate kittens, as you've no doubt seen for yourself on the live stream and our YouTube videos!

As with for the last group, Animal Outreach Society has asked us to provide biographies, which you can find linked here, and official Graduation photographs, which are right here, along with the remainder of the photos we took during the sessions today!