Introducing The Fonts! (Part Two)

Now that Charlie has joined Kitten Academy, and the Fonts all have their eyes open, we thought it would be a good time for a second introduction!  But before we get to that, a little housekeeping to get out of the way.

Thanks to our Patreon, Elennare for compositing this image!

Firstly, we finally have an official mailing address!  If you have any reason to want to send us something, you can mail it to:

Kitten Academy
P.O. Box 123
Fox Lake, IL, 60020-0123
United States

Special thanks to On Angels' Wings for taking our mail in the interim.  

Secondly, a reminder that The Textiles will be having their graduation ceremony (i.e. surgery!) this Thursday.  They should be officially available for adoption this weekend, February 4th.  PLEASE get your applications in to On Angels' Wings and adopt one of these rambunctious, loving kittens.  Momcat Velvet will be getting spayed at the same time, but will probably need a few more days of recovery before adoption is an option.

We hope you got a chance to see Charlie appear with us and On Angels' Wings on WGN TV on Friday!  If you missed it, you can follow this link to the episode!  Charlie stole the show, of course.  And that's probably why he was adopted within minutes of us leaving the studio!  Thanks WGN!  Charlie will remain at the Kitten Academy until he has completed his lessons.

Finally, we've had a lot of people ask about Charlie and his story.  So just a little clarification!  Charlie was born on December 19th, and hand-raised by one of the wonderful people who foster for On Angels' Wings.  Meanwhile, Arial was picked up by Animal Control on January 5th, and delivered her four kittens at Animal Control on the 6th.  Then she was brought in to On Angels' Wings, and from there, to the Kitten Academy.  Once Charlie was old enough to be weaned, he was also brought to Kitten Academy, so that he could be socialized and hopefully, learn to cat!  Arial accepted him as part of her family almost immediately, despite being about 2.5 weeks older than her own kittens.  He sometimes plays a little too rough for his adoptive siblings, which is why we take him out of the Annex occasionally -- to give them a break!

OK!  Now on to the photos!  

Baskerville - Male

Wingdings - Female - AKA Winnie

Zapf - Male

Garamond - Male - AKA Gary

Charlie - Male

Arial - Momcat

As usual, here's all the rest of the photos from the photoshoot!