Crumpet Adopted!

First, a reminder:  Vikki, Biscuit, Lt. Broccoli, and Spot are all still at On Angel's Wings, hoping for adoption.  All of them are WONDERFUL cats, top graduates.  Please consider adopting one today!  Contact On Angel's Wings for an application. 

The big news is, Crumpet has found a loving home, and is already settling in!  

Crumpet's new Family!

We're sure sad to see Crumpet go.  We'll miss her, and we know many internet fans will miss her as well.  Here's a beautiful and touching farewell from Karamelcraft:

A photo submitted by Crumpet's new family, of Crumpet taking a nap after exploring her new house and playing.

Some of you remember when Dinosaur Fan sent us one of our first fan arts, of #crumpet4president.  

What most of you don't know is that when we rescued Crumpet from the shelter, they hadn't really paid attention to her, thought she was a boy, and had named her Tucker!  

We miss you, Crumpet!  Good luck in your new life!


... THIS JUST IN!  Taein Shim, a friend on the YouTube channel, posted a video of drawing Crumpet.  THANKS!