This post is a little late coming, and I apologize.  This weekend, we shot right past 10,000 YouTube subscribers.  I am so very flattered and humbled.  I want to do something special for each and every one of you.  Until I can manage that, though, here's some fantastic fan art from some of you, to all of you!  

First off, regular submitter and friend KaramelCraft did a wonderful drawing specifically to commemorate the 10,000 subscriber milestone!  THANK YOU, KC!  This cat looks just as surprised and astounded as I am.

Next, we have submitter Hazel, who has drawn an interpretation of Toffee's door-scratching antics.  I don't know how you did this magic, but ... click on the image for a surprise!  He certainly does scream!

Some of you may have witnessed Toffee's rather extreme love for "people food" -- especially when I cook fish.  Our correspondent and friend "Sapphire" has sent in a drawing inspired by the latest fish feeding, that I think is simply adorable, and really captures what's on Toffee's mind... probably most of the time.

Next up, we have an entire gallery of drawings from "Bindi Luckycat," including the very first fan art of the newest kittens!  I don't know if this is intentional, but I love that the background so closely resembles the snowflake sheet I had to put down the other day because all the usual blankets were in the wash.

All of you artists are AMAZING!  Thank you all for your submissions.  I love what you do, and I think all of the kittens' fans do, too.

Finally, some photographs of cats watching the stream from around the world!

And below, we have four photos of the adorable calico kitten "Pus'ka" enjoying the stream with her owner, Tatiana.  

I can't say this enough -- I'm flattered, humbled, and honestly, flabbergasted that we've so many fans.  Keep sending in the fan art, keep sending in the photos of your cats watching the live stream, and keep on catting!