2016 - Session Two, Roll Call!

With the addition of three last-minute student enrollments, session two of 2016 at Kitten Academy is full.  And the kittens have all been named.  See below for photos and names, as well as some bonus photos and a video.

Hazel's family from the first session are back now, and will be in the annex until Saturday.  You can view them on the Live Stream.

On Saturday, they will be making an appearance at the PetSmart in Crystal Lake, from 11am - 2pm.  Please stop in to see them!  If you think you're interested in adopting, contact On Angel's Wings now to pre-fill out your paperwork.

The rest of the day Saturday and all day Sunday, they will be at On Angel's Wings in Crystal Lake

Here's a bonus video from this morning of the three new students getting baths and introductions.

And finally, some extra photos: