A Little News, a Lot of Photos!

Sorry we haven't done an update in almost two weeks.  We've been pretty busy between integrating the new kittens, working on getting things in place with the new cat run, and all the bits of daily life.  

No news is basically good news, though - everyone has been healthy and happy!  Though Ivy's been a little unwell in the last 12 hours; we're keeping an eye on her and if she's not feeling great again by tomorrow, we'll bring her to a vet.

Animal Outreach Society has scheduled the spay/neuter for all the kittens for November 2nd.  So they'll be out pretty much all day then.  And they are up for adoption with their first showing at PetSmart in McHenry (presumably - we'll update as we get closer to the date) on November 12th.

First, some photos of the Kitten Academy staff cats in the new cat run.  We'll post more about it when it's completely finished, including a bit of a tour.  

And then... all the kitten photos!