Ivy's Adoption Event, and Upcoming Schedule!

This should be pretty brief; I just want to make sure everyone knows what's going on!  

First, a quick note to our Patreons, if you missed the news, we had to reschedule the Patreon exclusive livestream to 2:30pm Central, Saturday the 29th.  

Tomorrow, October 29th, Ivy will go to the PetSmart in McHenry, IL at 11:00.  There will be people from Animal Outreach Society there hosting an adoption event from 11am-2pm.  After that, they would like Ivy to stay at PetSmart until she is adopted.  However, it seems likely that if she is not adopted by Sunday evening, we will bring her back to the Academy and just have her at PetSmart for the weekends.  Maybe.  We have to work out the details with AOS and PetSmart.

 November 2nd, all six kittens will go to the vet all day for their "Graduation ceremony" (spay/neuter, microchipping, vaccinations, etc).  They will return to the Academy in the evening.

Animal Outreach Society has a lead on five new kittens, which are currently living with their mother in a barn.  They expect these kittens to be weaned and brought to the Kitten Academy on or before November 9th.  The mother is feral and will be spayed and returned to the barn.  The kittens are (naturally) somewhat feral, but reported to be interested in and friendly with humans.

November 12th, all six of the current Kitten Academy kittens will be brought to PetSmart in McHenry, IL, from 11am-2pm, for their own adoption event.

If you want to adopt Ivy or any of her kittens, now is an excellent time to contact Animal Outreach Society in McHenry, IL, with your application!

Ivy's been a wonderful cat, both to her kittens, and to us.  She was a kind mother to her three kittens, and still enjoys visiting with them.  She loves to play, especially with catnip toys, and she also loves vigorous belly rubs.  She likes to sing to her humans with a hearty "MAOOB" while carrying her toys around the house.  And she loves relaxing in a lap while her humans work at the computer.  She's the first Kitten Academy momcat to have her own Twitter account, where she uses her trademark disapproving glare to entertain her followers.  She gets along with other cats and dogs acceptably well.

Here's some of our photos of Ivy over the last few months.  We'll certainly miss having her around!  She'll make an excellent companion to whomever adopts her.