New Arrivals!

First off, thanks to all of you who went through the archival videos in our last blogpost and helped decide what was worth keeping.  We'll be using your suggestions as soon as we have time to go through and edit them!

Now on to the real news - most of you know that Animal Outreach Society sent us three additional kittens to help fill out the class roster until graduation.  They are exactly the same size as Ivy's kids, and so should all graduate together (in a month or so).

They were bottle-raised by their first foster parents, then were taken over by a second foster for a while.  Now they are coming to Kitten Academy to complete their education before adoption.

The new kittens will be living in the Kitten Academy Annex for the first few days, until we're all comfy with each other and sure they are healthy.  Then, probably on Wednesday, they will be brought into the main Kitten Academy room with Ivy's League.

Sorry about the quality of the Live Stream camera that's in the Annex.  We have a replacement coming on Monday - until then, we just have to make do.  [Edit: the camera didn't make it, we pulled one from the main room instead for now.]

Our naming chart for Ivy's kids is pretty far out of date, too, so we're including recent photos of them here with the new kids.

Dusty - Female - Purple Collar

Cloudy - Male - Black Collar with Pawprint Design

Stormy - Male - Green Collar with Pink Design

Cornell - Female - No Collar

Harvard - Male - Red Collar

Yale - Female - No Collar


As usual, here's the bonus photos from this first new kitten photoshoot!