Mom Verse's Kittens!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Verse - Momcat!

You probably know all about Verse and her kittens already, but we haven't talked about it here on the blog yet.  One of our fellow fosters who works with On Angels' Wings and other groups in the area captured a pregnant momcat -- and in a first for us -- also managed to find and rescue her previous litter of three kittens, who are roughly 3-4 months old now.  

We tried to find another foster who could take the older kittens, but there was no one available, so we ended up with the entire family!  But we aren't able to keep the older kittens with their mom, due to extra caution about their recent vaccinations around the developing kittens, and also because we're told that momcat Verse was pretty much done with them anyhow.  So Verse gets to live in the annex, while her three older kittens have been enjoying life in our master bedroom suite.

Verse seems like she probably lived with people for at least part of her life, as she was immediately snuggly.  Her older kittens probably have not, because they are quite shy.  They are certainly not feral - just extra cautious and shy.  

We've taken them all to the vet already and they're quite healthy.  Last week, the vet performed an ultrasound on Verse and thinks there may be as many as ten kittens!  Verse has her follow-up vet appointment tomorrow morning, and we're hoping that the X-ray will give us a definitive count.  At the same time, we'll be discussing options for the rest of her pregnancy and the delivery; we want to make sure they get the best opportunities here at the Academy!  

Meanwhile, the three kittens from her previous litter are finally starting to come around.  They are sweet and playful - they snuggle and purr and wrestle.  We think their adopters should expect kittens that are somewhat more shy to begin, but we feel certain they will have a lot of love to give to the right person -- they remind us quite a bit of the Trees class who came in very shy of people, in very similar circunstances, and all ended up super loving.

The three kittens will be going for their graduation surgeries on Tuesday the 4th - so now is a wonderful time to apply to adopt!

Stanza - Male

Prose - Female

Meter - Female

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