Connecticat Bound!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!


As you know, DJ and Mr. A are moving the Academy to Connecticut, where DJ is set to begin her post-graduate medical work! The Kitten Academy will continue uninterrupted. Cari, who has always been our On Angels’ Wings liaison, has been kind enough to set up a kitten classroom for the Tantrums to complete their coursework. Tomorrow, Monday the 27th, at 11:00am, TnT and the Tantrums will move to Cari’s classroom and the Kitten Academy live stream will be broadcast from there until they graduate and go to their new homes!

All of the endowments have already been delivered to Cari and the TnT and Tantrum adopters will be picking them up at On Angels’ Wings when they are ready to graduate.

Later this same week, the Faculty will have an epic two-day road trip from IL to CT! We’ll try to keep some video and photos of the trip to share with all of you after the fact, but we probably won’t be able to stream any of it live. You’ll all be too busy watching the cute Tantrums at Cari’s!

Our current plan is to have a new momcat or kittens at the new Academy in Connecticut by June 10th or thereabouts. We’ll be sure to keep you informed. And maybe we can do some close-up streams of the faculty in the new house before that!

Loganberry Helps Pack for the Move

We’ve been working with the Danbury Animal Welfare Society to help us find new momcats and kittens and also to process applications for future classes. We’re totally excited to work with them - they’re a well-established rescue that has been in their current location (which is, ironically, not in Danbury) for about 40 years! Mr. A met with them on a previous trip to CT and was super impressed with how wonderful they are and their facilities. We can hardly wait until we can help with their momcats and kittens!

If you want our new mailbag address, it’s:

Kitten Academy
270 Monroe Tpke #186
Monroe, CT 06468 

However if you want to contribute to our arrival in Connecticut, we’d encourage you to consider donating to DAWS in our name instead! They also have their own Amazon Wish List.

Finally, let me say what an absolute joy it’s been working with the people here in Illinois who’ve made Kitten Academy what it is. We’ll miss being so near to all of you, but we hope to see many of you again (at KA-Con 3 if nothing else)!

Here’s a few recent faculty photos to wrap up this post - and we’ve got a bunch of great TnT and Tantrum photos to share when we’re closer to their graduation!