Welcome Working Class!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

As you probably know from watching the live stream, our Twitter, Facebook, or the Discord chat for Patreons, we got a new class of kittens in on Wednesday the 9th! They were brought in to On Angels’ Wings from animal control in central Illinois. Based on their weights on the weight chart, they are approximately 3-4 months old and already eligible for graduation, so get your applications in soon! This class is super sweet and hyper active!

You probably also know that we’ve had a late addition, Cooper, from animal control near the south side of Chicago. They had told us Cooper was a girl but the vet has verified Cooper is a boy! We’ll add photos of Cooper here as soon as we’re able to set up a photoshoot. Meanwhile, Cooper is staying in the Master Bedroom while we work on slowly introducing him to the rest of the class!

We’ve got some other news to share with you but we’ll make a separate post about it sometime in the next few days!

Squire - Female - Maroon Collar

Haberdasher - Male - Orange Collar

Wainwright - Male - Black Collar

Apothecary - Female - Lavender Collar

Draper - Male - Green Collar

Troubadour - Male - White Collar

As usual, we’ve got a whole bunch of extra photos from the photoshoot!