Roux's Choux Graduation!

Hello, Kitten fanatics!

Tomorrow, Saturday the 2nd, Roux, Cro, and Claire all will be leaving the Academy for a much brighter future!   Cro and Claire are going to live together!  Both of the adopters will be arriving around 14:00 KATZ.  

There's little question that Roux is the most people-loving and playful momcat we've had in a long time... possibly ever!  Delivering her kittens on DJ's lap was a first for all of us!  We're going to miss all three of them terribly, but their adopters are already present on the Discord chat for Kitten Academy Patreons, and we expect them to keep us all up to date with photos and more.  Perhaps Twitter feeds?  

Just a couple quick reminders:  

  • Garbanzo's mystery adopter will be arriving Sunday the 3rd, around 21:00 KATZ.  And they'll be bringing a special surprise, too!
  • On Angels' Wings in Crystal Lake, IL still needs applicants for the Purrsians!  




As always, here's the rest of the photos from the graduation photoshoot!