Song and Dance!

Hello, Kitten Academicians!

As you no doubt are aware, we've had four new arrivals since DJ and Mr. A returned from vacation!  First, let's introduce the new characters:

Kazoo - Male

Foxtrot - Female

Waltz - Male

Cha-Cha - Female

We have plans to integrate the new kittens with Song's "Squints" - Kazoo already is getting along pretty well with them and spends most of his time in the main room with them.  On Thursday the 15th, Song and Fiddle will be going for their spay/neuter.  At that time, we'll bring the dance kittens into the main room with the rest of the Squints.  When Song and Fiddle return, they'll be placed in the Annex while they recover.   After that, we'll "play it by ear."

Although applications are already coming in to On Angels' Wings in Crystal Lake for these kittens, if you find yourself falling in love with one, don't hesitate to put in your own application.  It often happens that an approved applicant falls through and a kitten goes to a second or third applicant instead.  At the very least, by having an application on file, you can be first in line to adopt a future cat or kitten.

Before we leave you with the rest of the photos from the photoshoot, let us say that JimmyD and JennyD did a superlative job of running the Kitten Academy while we were on vacation!  We enjoyed watching them while we were out of the country and JimmyD did a brilliant job with the nightly streams!  We hope we can continue to provide the same level of quality that he did.  And hopefully, he'll return from time to time as a guest host!