Angel's Fish Graduation!

Hello, Kitten Academicians!

First, an apology.  We realize the close-up live stream the last two nights has had technical problems.  Technically, the YouTube software we use to do it is still in Beta, so we guess some problems might be expected.  Nonetheless, we suspect the real problem may be our phone, so tomorrow, we'll try rebooting it before we start rolling.  

Until then, the important news in tonight's close-up stream was that Haddie has an adopter!  On Angels' Wings contacted one of the backup applicants, and they are wonderful people who are super excited that Haddie will be theirs.  They're also in the Patreon/Discord chat and have promised to keep us up to date with lots of news and photos of Haddie in her new life!

Haddie and the other Fish are all recovering from today's surgeries, but we expect them to be back to normal by tomorrow morning.

Our regular mailbag segment will be held on Saturday at 10am - just as usual.  Then sometime early Saturday afternoon, Hal, Pom, and Trout's adopters will be turning up at Kitten Academy to pick up their kittens.  Because of the late notice, Haddie's adopters won't be arriving to pick her up until the following Saturday, the 27th.  We'll let you know more about whether you'll be able to tune in for that as we get the details worked out.  

But - as you know, we won't be here that weekend; Jimmy and Jenni will be running Kitten Academy in our absence.  

OK, with all the updates out of the way, here's our graduation photoshoot for Angel's Fish!





As usual, here's all the rest of the photos!