Introducing Song's Quintet!

Hello, Kitten Academicians!

Before we dive into the details of the newest Kitten Academy class, a few things we'd like to get out of the way:

  • As of right now, Latte and Arial are still looking for adopters!  Contact On Angels' Wings in Crystal Lake, IL to apply.  
  • The contest to help with suggestions for Sarah Donner's (PG-13 Link!) upcoming music video for Kitten Academy is closed now, but we expect it will take some time for us to parse through all the wonderful suggestions, and for Sarah to decide what she'd like to do!  
  • We're still getting some questions about Angel - we apologize for not properly explaining the situation.  We briefly addressed it in last night's close-up stream, just a few minutes in.  The short version is, she's gone home to be with her owner, and we think it's good!

So, as most of you doubtless know by now, on Tuesday the 25th, our latest Kitten Academy class arrived!  Song was picked up by the Logan County Animal Control about a week prior.  They send out notices to shelters all over Illinois, and once a week, transport animals that the shelters are willing to take.  Song was pregnant when Logan County Animal Control picked her up, but delivered her kittens on Tuesday the 18th, while she was still there.  

That's everything we know about her history!  

Here's your cheat-sheet:


Cello (Female)

Mandolin (Female)

Banjo (Male)

Lute (Male)

Fiddle (Male)

As usual, here's the remainder of the photos from the shoot: