Ivy's Moving Out - New Kids Moving In?

Just some quick updates for those of you who don't see us giving them live on the stream!

Harvey in the cheese-house.

Firstly, we think we've solved our technical issues in a very practical way.  We configured a server in another location (Texas, actually) so that it will stream a "Technical Difficulties - Please Stay Tuned" message whenever the stream is down.  The good news is, it works, and probably means that we'll not change URLs or lose our statistics again.  The only bad news is that YouTube is a little sensitive and will put it up even if we only glitch for a second.  I think we can live with that.  Special thanks to viewer Tania, who created the graphic we are using as a placeholder until we can put something more permanent in place.  Tania intended it as a business card, but it's just so cute!

Thanks, Tania!  We love this image!

Secondly, the shelter that is ultimately responsible for these kittens has suggested that we move Ivy out for the next couple of weeks, so that she completely stops nursing and we can have her spayed.  I think that's an idea that Ivy herself would approve -- many of you have seen that she prefers to be out of the room lately, anyhow.  So, it's likely that she will not be coming back to the Kitten Academy room, though you may still see her in our YouTube videos and our Periscope sessions.  The Periscope sessions get announced on Twitter to our Twitter followers, and if you don't follow us there, you should!  It's worth it just for the Periscopes!

Ivy is all too happy to get some peace and quiet away from the kids!

Finally, we've put in a request to Animal Outreach Society for some more kittens that would be of a weight or age that is compatible with Yale, Harvey, and Cornell.  They are going to keep an eye out for us, so we may have some additional kittens joining this session late!

Here's all the photos from the most recent photoshoot, some of which you may have seen already on our Twitter or elsewhere.