So. Much. Fan. Art!

We were going over our e-mails and realized we have a GIANT backlog of WONDERFUL fan art of the kittens!  Strap yourselves in; this is going to be a long post.  We'll go in mostly chronological order here.  If you submitted art and it's not in this post, please send us an email to remind us!  We didn't leave you out on purpose, I promise!

First up, one you may have seen already from "Ari Cotton Candy," on our twitter.  Inspired by Shortcake's obvious dental aspirations.  This reminds me of Doctor Cat, and I love it!

Next we have a drawing of Toffee from Blu-Pond, who has a DeviantArt profile, too!  I love the fuzzy silliness in this drawing; it really is Toffee's essence.

Next up, two variations on a Toffee-flavored theme, from "whitefluffy444", a self-declared Toffee lover and fantastic artist from L.A.  This looks to me like a Toffee who could lead a boy band!  Those eyes are dreamy!

Now, a contribution from Emerald Universe, who says "I'm just learning to paint on a computer with software, and decided to start with the best cat in the world, Toffee."  You could not have picked a better subject to begin with, Emerald Universe!  And of course we agree about Toffee!

Next we have a set of submissions from long time regular, KaramelKraft, out of Israel.  KaramelKraft is always trying different styles, and we love them ALL.

Long time, prolific contributor "Bindi Luckycat" gets an entire gallery.  Bindi, I dunno how you do it, but I love all your work.  They're all wonderful, but I think Toffee and Shortcake breakdancing is my favorite, thematically.

Next, a submission from the mysterious "McDraggy," who says: "It's Ivy and her kits; I had a lot of fun drawing Harvey!"  No kidding!  Harvey's face is ADORABLE.  The whole thing is fantastic!!!  

Hazel Allison, who started the fad of calling Harvey a "scream bean" -- as McDraggy's illustration nicely captures -- has contributed more magical art that shows you a message if you click it, but not in the thumbnail.  These were all donated as graduation send-offs for nutmeg and the spice girls, but the first one is a bonus done in a more abstract style.  These are all wonderful, Hazel, with fantastic detail!  I hope their adopters appreciate it as much as we do.

Next up!  A donation from Jadefeathers -- Ivy's league.  All snuggled up!  I absolutely love the satisfied expressions, and the detail of Yale's little starburst, and Ivy's green eyes.  Heartwarming!

SqueakyCat sneaks in with an adorable sketch of Cornell, Harvard, and Yale, before their eyes are opened!  Brilliant details, and I love the "pompadour" hairstyles!  

Here's a sketch of Toffee from someone you may remember from the YouTube live chat.  Scandaloom, we love you!  And did you know Scandaloom has a Twitter?  Because we didn't!  

Here we have two wonderful submissions from a new contributor - Kawin from Switzerland!  I am absolutely blown away by the details in both of these drawings.  They are meticulously detailed in the way I might expect from a Swiss watchmaker.  Perhaps it's in their blood!  Every single detail from the print on the cat toys to the clock, hanging in the kitchen, outside the kitten room, is perfectly reproduced!  And I also love the expressions of the kittens, and the playfulness!  Kawin says this is their very first fan art ever.  I, for one, hope they do more in the future!

To all of you, wonderful, fantastic, amazing artists - thank you.  We apologize that it's been so long since we've posted about your art.  We hope each and every one of you will continue to contribute.  It's special to us, and it's amazing to the adopters.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!