Updates All Over!

We wanted to take the time to get some nice graduation photos of each kitten for this post, but those photos will have to wait.  There's a lot of news, and it's not really fair for us to hold it back for some photos that may or may not materialize!  I'll sprinkle this post with some older, random photos.

Clove hiding out.

Most importantly, graduation!  All the older kittens -- that's Toffee, Cobbler, Shortcake, Custard, Nutmeg, Poppy, Clove, Tamarind, and Fennel -- will go to the vet tomorrow, Friday, 2016-08-19.  They will be neutered or spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped.  They will return, typically around 5-6pm Friday evening.  

Fennel's excited about getting spayed.

After that, the boys will spend Saturday here, and the girls, Saturday and Sunday.  Then they will go to the shelter at On Angel's Wings in Crystal Lake for adoption!  If you're interested in adopting any of them, it's not too soon to put in your application now.  That way, if you go to visit them at On Angel's Wings, your application can be pre-approved and you can take one home with you that day.

Synchronized Napping!

Synchronized Napping!

What happens next is still a little up-in-the-air.  It seems like we have two options:  1) Just keep Ivy and her three kittens, and watch them grow up, until they near adoption, then get more kittens!  or, 2) Keep Nutmeg and the Spice Girls on a little longer for more socialization and to keep the stream a little more active, for maybe another week or so.  We're not sure yet which option we'll take.

Ivy and her kids are doing pretty well.  She's been moved to a temporary location outside the annex, since we'll have a visitor this weekend staying in the annex.  With a dog.  We're pretty sure Ivy would not like to share that room!  On Monday, she'll either be moved back to the annex, or into the big kitten room, depending on how we handle the Spice Girls decision.

UPDATE: Many of you wrote in about Ivy's breathing.  I suspect it's just a little stress from the move, but she'll be going to a vet this evening anyhow, just to be safe.  She'll leave around 4:30pm.

Brothers and Sister.

Finally, most of you probably know, but the Northwest Herald is going to run an article on the Kitten Academy, which is supposed to be in print this Sunday.  We'll be sure to let everyone know if and when.  Hopefully it will also be online!