Fabulous Fan Art!

Here at the Kitten Academy, we love it when fans of the kittens send us their artistic interpretations of the Academy cats!  

This week, we have some art from a new fan, Liekki from Finland.  Liekki has sent us an amazing work, with all the current Academy Kittens in outer space!  I love this so much - and it even comes in two versions; one is made to tile so you can have infinite cat wallpaper!  Astounding!  As a bonus, Liekki has made prints available in her online shop!  I already ordered the T-shirt.  Can't wait!

We also have new contributions from frequent contributor Bindi Luckycat, who certainly has a recognizable style.  A cheat-sheet of all the kittens, Nutmeg and Toffee together, and a special bonus drawing of her own cats.  Thanks, Bindi!  Adorable!

And finally, we have three new contributions from prolific contributor KaramelCraft in Israel.  Real watercolors and mixed media!  So very fabulous!  I especially love the little meowing kitten.  I can practically hear him!  ... or maybe that's Toffee I can hear.

If you've sent in fan art and we haven't published it, we probably lost track of it.  Send us an e-mail to remind us.  Or, if you have new art, send it to us in an email!  Each and every one of you are absolutely amazing!  The kittens are certainly blessed to have such talented fans.

As always, e-mails can be addressed to headmaster@kitten.academy