As of about 5:00am November 5th, one hundred thousand of you have subscribed to Kitten Academy on YouTube!  This is amazing!  When we started Kitten Academy in April, we would never have guessed that so many of you would enjoy it so much.  

I've talked a little bit on the stream about having something that we were going to announce when we hit 100,000 subscribers.  So here we are!  Let me start by saying there's nothing we could do that would adequately express how wonderful this milestone is, nor repay you all for your support.  I'd like to have more time to create new things for you, and hopefully in the next few weeks, we'll be able to make some neat new videos as thanks.

What we have for you today, though, is Kitten Academy swag!  We've put up a Zazzle store, with products featuring our logos and designs.  We're really just getting started on it -- we don't yet have a good idea what products to offer or what designs to put on them.  We also have plans to add some fun new designs, beyond what we're offering today.

So, take a moment, think about what Kitten Academy things you'd really like.  Is it a shirt, a pet food bowl, a framed picture?  Zazzle offers a lot of items!  What logo or design, or photograph would go on it?  What words?  How would they be arranged?  If you have an idea that you really think you'd like, email us, tweet us, or even just comment below and we'll make sure it is an option in our Zazzle store.  

If you can't wait, and want to go right ahead and make that thing for yourself, we also are offering the option of downloading our designs and applying them to things anywhere on the internet - or in your house.  If you do make something on your own, please let us know!  We'd love to see photos!  Also, if you want to duplicate the rug that's been seen on the live stream, this is the way to do it.  There's a link to the appropriate vendor on the DIY designs page.


Thanks again for all of your support.  We hope we can make this month the best yet!  Don't forget, we're expecting new kittens this week, on or before November 9th!  Also, Ivy is still at the PetSmart in McHenry, IL - and there's an adoption event every weekend, Saturday and Sunday, from 11am to 2pm.  People from Animal Outreach Society will be there, ready to help you adopt the perfect cat!