Welcome to "The Sprigs!"

Yesterday, five new kittens arrived at the Kitten Academy, from Animal Outreach Society.  We're referring to their group as "The Sprigs."  They came from a feral mother in a feral cat colony, but have been living indoors for at least a week or two.  Most of them like people and will purr, so they're already better off than our last group of feral kids -- the Spice kittens from earlier this year.  

DJ Made this cheat-sheet out of photos we took at the vet's office.

Ivy's League and the Weathercats in the main room were due for adoption this weekend, but Dusty has come down with a serious upper respiratory infection, and possibly Yale has it already, too.  So Animal Outreach Society has decided they will stay with us an extra two weeks while they get over their colds.  They will be eligible for adoption, and go to the PetSmart in McHenry, on November 26th, instead.

Until then, the new kittens will be staying in the Kitten Academy annex.  We need to keep them separate until we know both groups are very healthy, and given their big difference in size, probably they will need to be separate even if they are healthy.

Here's some intro photos from after their baths:

Parsley - Female

Basil - Male - Blue Collar

Chamomile - Female

Tarragon - Female

Cilantro - Female

As with all the kittens, the Sprigs now have their own pages on the Kitten Weight Spreadsheet, one for the weights, and one for a graph.

Here's all the rest of the photos from yesterday!