Wherefore Art Thou?

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

These aren’t all going to be Shakespeare puns, I promise!

Anyhow, we’ll keep this brief! Just a quick reminder that KA-Con 3 tickets are for sale here. We don’t plan to make any money at KA-Con - the ticket sales are entirely to pay for the venue and events. We’ll let Dr. Bru tell you all about it here. We’d really like to see all of you there so we’ll keep talking about it in future blog posts!

Meanwhile, here’s some more fantastic art from the past! (Isn’t all art from the past? We want to see art from the future!) If you have some art to share, please tweet it at us, or email it to headmaster@kitten.academy, or if you’re on our Discord for Patreons, you know what to do!