Get KA-ffeinated!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians and Coffee Lovers!

There’s not going to be very many kittens in this post, so if you’re not interested in coffee, click here for the Verse graduation and news announcement!

If you’re just trying to find the page where we’re selling the coffee, that’s here.

Pulling a perfect shot!

The coffee experts at our local coffee roaster, Conscious Cup, have volunteered to help raise some funds for On Angels’ Wings by creating a couple of limited run coffee blends for us. Over the last three weeks, we’ve visited them several times to learn more about coffee, sample their beans, and try to create two perfect coffee blends.

It’s been an eye-opening experience for us - and not just because of all the caffeine. We’ve learned a lot about all the subtle flavors that can be present in a coffee, and some about where they come from and what they mean.

Conscious Cup

Enjoying coffee is like enjoying art, or chocolate - or anything else. It’s not really important what the experts think — as long as you enjoy it. Still, we find we don’t enjoy our old favorite coffee the way we used to — after bringing it in to compare against the Conscious Cup options. Our beans just taste burned. And DJ’s favorite commercial Pumpkin Spiced Latte doesn’t taste as sweet anymore now that she’s had the homemade “Salted Caramel Pumpkin Spiced Latte” from CC.

Dotty made this adorable image for us!

So we’re pretty excited to be able to offer you coffee, and a few other things, from Conscious Cup. We’ve created the “Just Bean Adopted” Kitten Academy blend for cat lovers, and a “Stay Pawsitive” On Angels’ Wings blend for the dog people. Of course, they’re both great for anyone who needs a strong cup in the morning, whatever your preference in animal companion. We’ve also got a decaf blend, hot cocoa, teas, and some chocolate. You can find all that here, and for a while, in the website menu under “Other.” (Some of the images on the sales page may be placeholders for the moment!)

This is our first time trying to do something like this and we’re still working out the process, so I hope you can understand that for the moment, we can only ship to the USA, using USPS Priority Mail. We’ll look at expanding that option - let us hear about it if you want that!

[ EDIT! Conscious Cup wants to make sure they ship absolutely fresh-roasted coffee. So we’ll take orders before Saturday, they’ll roast the coffee Sun, Mon, Tues, and ship it out on Wednesday. Then we’ll repeat it next week! So don’t expect your coffee next-day, at worst, it’ll take about 10 days to ship! ]

As with any fundraisers we participate in, a percentage of the proceeds will be going to On Angels’ Wings. They’re the shelter that manages finding the cats that come to Kitten Academy, as well as adoptions of the kittens who graduate. They also shelter many cats and dogs, and manage many other foster homes. Kitten Academy will not be taking any percentage of the proceeds - we are helping to support OAW, who’ve supported us for so long.

Here’s a few extra photos we took while we were there: