Updated Well-Versed Photos!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians!

Just a couple quick points of news and then a whole lot of photos!

JimmyD of “Wednesdays with Winnie and Gary” and Mr. A will be calling the Bingo numbers at On Angels’ Wings Halloween Bingo Night, tomorrow, Oct 12th at the Park Place Banquets hall in Crystal Lake, IL!

We expect Fable to be picked up by her adopter this Sunday, the 14th!

Here’s some photos!

Because the little oranges are so difficult to distinguish, I’ll post each kitten’s “Glamour Shots” in their own tiny album:

Bookworm (Female)

Prodigy (Male)

Wise (Male)

Astute (Male)

Ace (Male)

Poise (Female)

Erudite (Female)

Flair (Female)

Verse (Mom)

Bonus Photos!!!