Welcome Chili's Beans!

Greetings, Kitten Academicians! 

Our newest family, Chili and her kittens, arrived at Kitten Academy quite unexpectedly on Saturday the 29th of July.  We had gone to On Angels' Wings to drop off some medication, and ended up coming home with six kittens and a momcat!  

Chili is coincidentally from the same shelter in Ohio that Roux came from!  To make things more special, three of her kittens are polydactyl -- that means they have more than the usual number of toes for a cat.  (The usual is four!  [Ed: or five if you count the dewclaw, which we don't!])

We guesstimate that Chili is about a year old, and her kittens are about five or six weeks old.

Chili has already had the opportunity to meet the Faculty - including Elsie - and gets along just great with all of them; so she's likely to be a wonderful choice for someone to adopt who already has cats, or even dogs.

We'd like to bring Chili and her kittens together with Roux and her kittens, but that's a difficult plan to accomplish safely, so we'll be taking our time about it!

If you're looking for news about the new kitten room or the alumni or Roux's Choux, stay tuned - that'll be in a future Mewspaper!

Cayenne Pepper - Female - Pink Collar

Kidney Bean - Female - Red Collar (or none) - Polydactyl

Coriander (Cory) - Male - Blue Collar

Garbonzo Bean - "Gonzo" - Male - Black Collar - Polydactyl

Tomato - Female - Pink Collar

Pinto Bean - Male - Lavender Collar - Polydactyl

Chili - Momcat

Here's the rest of the photos from this photoshoot!