Welcome to The Purrsians... and Mr. Pickles!

Hello Kitten Academicians!

The Humane Society of the Ohio Valley, who sent us Chili and Roux, asked us last week if we would be able to take three additional kittens that are the same age as Chili and Roux's kids.  We thought because they are the same age, we could put them together and not add much work to what we're already doing.

But before they could be transported to On Angels' Wings, HSOV received two additional kittens "from the same family!"  Rather than try to split them up, we agreed to take all five.

They arrived at OAW on Friday the 11th, but we weren't able to pick them up and bring them to Kitten Academy until the following day.

Our current plan is to try to integrate them with Roux's kittens, and if that fails, then try them with Chili's kittens!  -- Except Mister Pickles, who is a little bigger and will roam the house with the faculty so he and Custard can be playmates.

Hummus - Male - No markings on body.

Babaganoush - Male - Black markings on flanks.

Tahini - Female - Sparse calico on back

Falafel - Female - Heavy calico on back

...and Mister Pickles!  

As usual, here's a gallery of all the photos from this shoot - and a couple faculty photos mixed in.