Introducing Roux's Pâte à Choux

Last night around 21:00 KATZ, Roux delivered her three healthy kittens!  It was a long delivery, and the archived video is almost five hours long!  You can find that here (as of this writing, it's still uploading and processing - it may take a few hours before it's available.)  

Roux is so very comfortable with her human friends that she actually delivered her kittens on the beanbag chair - in DJ's lap!  Certainly a first for Kitten Academy!  Though the kittens came out backwards and every which-way, in the end, everyone was fine!

Here's the new kids, in order of birth, with their names!

Éclair - "Claire" - Female

Croquembouche - "Cro"/"Croquie" - Male

Beignet - "Ben" - Male

Roux - Momcat

We'll work on getting more photos later, when the kittens are ready to spend a little more time away from Roux.  At a glance, it may seem difficult to tell Cro from Ben, but Cro has thin, light stripes, while Ben has bold, dark swirls.  

If you feel like you need a pronunciation guide for these kittens, you're not alone!  Here is some help:

Roux - roo

Pâte à choux - pat a shoo -

Éclair - eclair

Croquembouche - croak-um-boosh

Beignet - ben-yay

Kitten - ki-ten

Academy - uh-cat-emi -

Here's the rest of the photos: