Welcome New Momcat, Roux!

Hello, Kitten Academicians!

As you doubtless know, today we welcomed a new pregnant momcat to the Academy. Her name is "Roux" and she will be staying in the Annex until after all the Song and Dance kittens have graduated.  She came to us all the way from Ohio! She is super, super friendly and has surely set a record for fastest-to-lap-time.  

Some of you might have been expecting a Calico cat that was also coming from Ohio. However, when they both arrived at On Angels' Wings, they found out the calico wasn't pregnant! So it's fortunate Roux had come along as well! The calico, named "Pumpkin" because of her stunning orange eyes, will be available for adoption at OAW after her spay.

Before we get to all the photos, some news on other topics:

* Arial and Eva have finally been adopted, together! They will be going to their new home tomorrow, Saturday, July 1st!

* Banjo is being picked up from the Academy by his adopter on Sunday, July 2nd! His new family includes other black cats for him to play with!

* Cello and Mandolin are also being picked up by their adopter on Sunday, July 2nd, at the Academy! They will be living together!

Here's our photos of new momcat, Roux:

And here's some bonus photos we caught today of the Song and Dance kittens!