Sarah Donner and Other Mews!

Firstly - if you're here for news and photos of the newborn kittens, that's all in our previous post -- click here!

Winnie's leaping with excitement!

The big news this week is that we're planning to have our first celebrity guest at the Kitten Academy!  The marvelous and talented Sarah Donner, who is a kitten foster, musician, and artist, will be visiting on Friday the 3rd!  We're planning on seeing her around or after 13:00 KATZ (that's Kitten Academy Time Zone!) but because she has such a very long way to travel, please don't consider that an exact time!

You owe it to yourself to dig around her website and see all the super-creative kitten-related (and otherwise!) work she's done.  While she is here, she plans to bring out her Ukulele and play a few songs to The Fonts and Charlie!  It should be a good time for all!


Now for the rest of the news and housekeeping:

Charlie nose what's up!

We still haven't caught up with the influx of e-mails that resulted from Angel's delivery of four healthy kittens, and our appearance on BBC Trending.  We apologize!  We hope to get completely up-to-date in the next day or so.  In the meantime, rest assured that we probably did read your messages, and just haven't had the time to properly respond!

Charlie's back from his neuter and feeling fine!  His adopter will be coming to take him to his new home on the 8th.  We've been promised lots of pictures and stories to share with you all - so don't think of it as "goodbye" -- just "see you later!"

Also on Friday, we expect a visit from some potential Font adopters!  We're not sure how they'll feel about being on camera - so we'll leave that up to them.  Perhaps we'll have two guest appearances on the same day!


We feel that the advertising trial run that we ran was probably a success.  The numbers seem to make it worthwhile to continue running advertisements - but the numbers are far from final.  Not only do they still fluctuate from day to day, but YouTube's 'estimated' numbers haven't yet rolled over to AdSense or actual payments, so it's hard to know if they're accurate.  We expect that to happen by the 15th.

You gotta' spring me from the joint!

If YouTube's numbers are accurate, then there's more coming in from views by YouTube Red users than there are from advertisements!  We'd highly encourage you to sign up if it's available in your country.  The best way -- the way we do -- is to sign up for Google Play Music, which is a wonderful service, and includes YouTube Red as a perk.  If you have YouTube Red, you get access to extra exclusive content (not from us - but from other YouTubers) and music videos, but best of all, you never see an advertisement on YouTube!

We'll be sure to give you a more full update on the advertising after we've seen the process work from end-to-end, later this month!

Thank you all so much for your support, for watching, and for participating in Kitten Academy!  Here's the photos from the "action" shoot from the 25th.