Ivy's League has Arrived!

I think by now, most of you know that Ivy delivered three healthy babies late Saturday night.

Our regular art contributor, "Bindi Luckycat" has already contributed a drawing for the occasion:

DJ plans to name the three kittens after Ivy League schools, or mascots, or something related.  But we're not completely sure of the sexes yet - it's difficult to tell when they're this young.  Our best guess so far is that #1 and #3, the lighter-colored ones, are girls.  #2, the darker one, is a boy.  Probably.

 We've been pretty busy since then, and I have a million videos and photos to edit and publish.  In the meantime, we have published the entire three-hour labor and delivery video from the livestream, unedited.  If you decide to watch this, just be aware that the first kitten doesn't appear until right around 1 hour in.  You can, of course, skip ahead to that point.

We plan to publish a lot more photos and some great 4K video, some of which you can see me filming in the archive footage above.  It may take a few days.  We're likely to publish the videos to the Patreon supporters a day or two early.

Thank you to everyone for your support, advice, commentary... and just being a part of this experience of bringing three wonderful new kittens into the world.  It's been great having all of you along for the ride, whether on the livestream chat, twitter, or email.  Thank you all!

A bonus from Bindi Luckycat.